Regional Director Board Position Profile

Key Position/Commitment

  • 3-year commitment
  • Requires management support
  • Regular e-mail access, average five or more hours per week, including teleconferences
  • Attend global Board of Directors (BOD) meetings (three 3-4 day meetings, plus occasional teleconferences)
  • Provide counsel to section officers, student chapter faculty advisors, and Young Professional program leadership.
  • Must reside throughout their term in the region they represent.


  • Regional Directors bring the perspectives of the diverse interests of the Sections and Student Chapters in their region to the Board. While they bring those perspectives to the discussion they are responsible for making decisions that are in the best interest of SPE as a whole.
  • Regional Directors are responsible for supporting staff in communicating new developments and policies initiated by the Board to the Section and Chapter leadership.
  • Regional Directors may be selected to represent constituencies that are deemed to be important to the success of SPE.
  • Regional Directors may be selected to provide particular expertise that is useful to the SPE Board, including expertise in the lines of business conducted by SPE
  • Provide direction, energy, and leadership to carry out the mission of SPE.
  • Regional Directors have Board committee duties, and may be assigned liaison duties with SPE standing or ad hoc committees.


  • Setting the strategic direction of SPE.
  • Financial oversight, including adoption of the annual budget.
  • Oversight of SPE programs.
  • Develop and support initiatives to achieve the goals identified in SPE’s strategic plan.
  • Participate in assigned committees and utilize committee positions to carry out the mission of SPE.
  • Provide leadership to sections and student chapters to help SPE members in the region conduct their activities more effectively and efficiently.
  • Visit and communicate with sections in their region as needed.
  • Chairs regional section officers’ meetings.
  • Facilitate regional councils and serve as liaison to the SPE International Board.

Preferred Prior Experiences

  • This position should be filled by someone with a strong leadership background in SPE activities, such as serving as an SPE committee or section chairperson.
  • In addition to representing an SPE region, this person may be chosen to represent an important constituency in SPE in order to balance the board demographics, and he or she should have experience or specific experiential background in the constituency represented.
  • The person who fills this position should be acquainted with SPE and industry leadership.
  • It is beneficial for the person who fills this position to:
    • Understand the inner workings of the society as well as the mission and strategic goals of SPE; and
    • Comprehend the committee function and be capable of interfacing with other members as both a leader and a team member.

Key Skills/Proficiencies

  • Strategic Thinking – Ability to “see the big picture,” think beyond tasks, focus on global as well as local needs, and adhere to strategic planning. Also, the ability to focus on material issues and not “sweat the small stuff.”
  • Leadership – Ability to communicate ideas to others in a way that engages and influences them. Ability to help the group achieve its goals and maintain an effective working relationship among members.
  • Networking - Ability to network within and outside the organization for discovery and dissemination of opportunities for SPE.
  • Negotiation – Skillful in multi-cultural, multi-national negotiations in order to represent sections with a variety of perspectives.