Technical Sections

Technical Section represents a grouping of global members who share an interest in a specific technical topic. These communities of SPE members share ideas, promote competence, and develop projects related to their technical interest. Technical Sections tend to be more task-oriented than discussion-oriented. They meet virtually for the most part, but are encouraged to hold a face-to-face meeting at least once a year.

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Current Technical Sections

Establishing a Technical Section

Any group of SPE members can propose the establishment of a Technical Section for endorsement by the SPE Technical Directors. A proposal should include the following:

  • An outline of the purpose and objectives of the group – a “mission statement”
  • The names of committed leadership for the Technical Section and a list of proposed members
  • Proposed governance model outlining leadership positions, processes for selection of leadership, criteria for membership, etc.

Criteria for endorsement by the SPE Technical Directors

  • The mission of the Technical Section supports and furthers the SPE mission
  • Leaders and champions have been identified
  • Sufficient membership is proposed for the group to operate effectively
  • The governance structure is reasonable and functional
  • The membership spans section boundaries
  • The purposes of the group cannot be met by an already existing SPE group

Potential areas of topical overlap between new and existing entities must be identified by endorsing Technical Director and/or petitioning Technical Section leadership. If overlap is determined, the endorsing Technical Director must decide if (1) the topic can be addressed via a subcommittee of the existing entity, or (2) the topic is substantial enough to require establishment of a new Technical Section.

If the topic is substantial enough to require establishment of a new technical section, the Technical Director and Chairpersons from each entity must agree to new divisions of scope in advance of new Technical Section establishment. Possible solutions may include transferring the topic from existing entity to the new Technical Section or agreeing that all entities will collaborate on activities for the topic.

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