Submitting an Abstract

You can submit your abstract to any SPE conference with an open call for papers. Finalize and submit the abstract by the deadline to ensure it will be considered. The online system will close after the stated deadline.

SPE meetings have a "No Paper, No Podium" policy. If your paper proposal is accepted, you will be required to submit your manuscript by the deadline. If you do not do so, you will not be allowed to present at the conference.

Before Submitting

  1. Obtain company clearance, to ensure the company understands that if the proposal is accepted, you will be required to write a manuscript and present at the conference.
  2. Write the abstract.
  3. Gather all co-author information (name, title, institution name, phone number, and email address)
  4. Find your SPE login information and make sure your SPE Profile is up to date.

To Submit

  1. Start at the SPE Calls for Papers Page.
  2. Click on the Submit Now link for the conference you want to submit to.
  3. Login to the SPE Online Submission Site.
  4. Review the submission instructions.
  5. When ready, click on the New Submission link.
  6. Complete all required information:  
    1. Abstract Title
    2. Submission Category
    3. Author and Co-Author Information
    4. Previously Publication Information
    5. Keywords
    6. Abstract
  7. Review your work.
  8. Submit and Finalize your submission.
  9. Click the link to send a submission confirmation to yourself and your co-authors.