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Honorary Membership

Honorary Membership is the highest honor that SPE presents to an individual and is limited to 0.1% of the SPE total membership. This elite group represents those individuals who have given outstanding service to SPE or have demonstrated distinguished scientific or engineering achievements in the fields within the technical scope of SPE.

SPE Member Anil Kumar received the high distinction of Honorary Membership at the 2017 ATCE Annual Awards Ceremony.

SPE Member Anil Kumar received the high distinction of Honorary Membership at the 2017 ATCE Annual Awards Ceremony.

Bernt S. Aadnoy
Hazim H. Abass
Ram Agarwal
Syed A. Ali
Ali Rashid Al Jarwan
Sadad I. Al-Husseini
Kenneth E. (Ken) Arnold
Charles W. Arnold*
Jan J. Arps*
R. Lyn Arscott
J.J. Azar
Khalid Aziz
Tayfun Babadagli
Edmund C. Babson*
Kate Hadley Baker
Charles L. Bare
John Bell*
Thomas A. Blasingame
Jacques Bosio*
Adam (Ted) Bourgoyne
William E. Brigham*
James P. Brill
Kermit E. Brown*
Stuart E. Buckley*
John C. Calhoun, Jr.*
John M. Campbell, Sr.*
Maria A. Capello
Edgar C. Capen
Ben H. Caudle*
Elmond L. Claridge*
William M. Cobb
Cesare Colamasi
DeAnn Craig*
Lawrence B. Curtis*
Ali A. Daneshy
Akhil Datta-Gupta
Everette L. DeGolyer*
Henri G. Doll*
Ali Dogru
R.C. Earlougher*
Robert C. Earlougher, Jr.*
Arlen L. Edgar
Emmanuel O. Egbogah*
Christine Ehlig-Economides
Lincoln Elkins*
Lloyd E. Elkins,Sr.*
Iraj Ershaghi
Turgay Ertekin
A.F. van Everdingen*
Behrooz Fattahi
Abbas Firoozabadi
S. M. Farouq Ali
Sir William Fraser*
Thomas C. Frick*
Peter D. Gaffney

Orville D. Gaither*
Emmanuel Garland
Ted Geffen*
John L. Gidley*
Robert B. Gilmore*
Wayne E. Glenn*
Valery Graifer*
Don W. Green
Dennis E. Gregg
Alain C. Gringarten
Henry J. Gruy*
Anuj Gupta
Michael L. Haider*
Michel T. Halbouty*
John Hammond*
Willis Heath*
A. Daniel Hill
Ronald L. Hinn
Stephen A. Holditch*
Madelyn Holtzclaw
Roland N. Horne
C. Susan Howes
M. King Hubbert*
William Hurst*
Egbert U. Imomoh
Joseph Jensen*
James R. Jorden
C. Shah Kabir
Medhat M. Kamal
Basil P. Kantzer*
Marvin L. Katz*
Donald L. Katz*
Hossein Kazemi
David R. Keith
Farouk A. Kenawy*
Roy H. Koerner
Sunil L. Kokal
M. Scott Kraemer*
H. Mark Krause, Jr.*
Henry Krumb*
Fikri J. Kuchuk
Anil Kumar
Mridul Kumar
Larry W. Lake
W. John Lee
John M. Lovejoy*
Mohamad Idris Mansor
Charles S. Matthews*
Edward H. Mayer*
Dean A.McGee*
Robert S. McLemore*
D. Nathan Meehan
Robert Moore

John R. McMillan*
Charles V. Millikan*
Stefan Miska
Daniel Moos
Necmettin Mungan
Morris Muskat*
H. Arthur Nedom*
Alexander Neyin
Dean Oliver
Franklin M. Orr Jr.
Giovanni Paccaloni*
Donald W. Peaceman*
Thomas Perkins
Fred H. Poettman*
Gary A. Pope
Michael Prats
Howard C. Pyle*
Rajagopal S. Raghavan
Henry J. Ramey, Jr.*
Carl Reistle, Jr.*
Albert Reynolds
Joseph G. Richardson*
Noel D. Rietman*
James L. Rike*
Kenneth W. Robbins*
Edward E. Runyan
Donald G. Russell*
Fernando Samaniego-Verduzco
Hemanta Sarma
George H. Sawyer*
Mukul Sharma
John E. Sherborne*
Gerald Sherrod*
Arlie M. Skov*
Sidney S. Smith, Sr.
Jeffrey B. Spath
Eve Sprunt
T. Don Stacy*
Fred I. Stalkup
Marshall B. Standing*
John R. Suman*
Ganesh C. Thakur
L. Kent Thomas
Paul D. Torrey*
Joseph E. Warren*
Mary Wheeler
Robert L. Whiting*
G. Paul Willhite
William E. Wrather*
M.R.J. Wyllie*
Yannis C. Yortsos
Andrew A. Young
Dongxiao Zhang

* Deceased

Nominee Eligibility

Anyone demonstrating exceptional service to SPE or outstanding achievements in the industry.

A nominee is not eligible:

  • If they are on the current SPE Board of Directors or Distinguished Member committee or those who have served in these positions during the past 2 years.

Note: Once awarded, the member is ineligible for nomination for all other society international awards.

To Nominate

  1. Fill out nomination form.
  2. Complete all required information on nomination form, incomplete nominations will not be accepted.
  3. Include a complete statement of the reasons for proposing the candidate, with a record of the candidate's professional and industrial achievements in detail.
  4. Collaborate with colleagues to send letters supporting this nomination.

Small red flag All information about the candidate and their qualifications for the award must be included on the online nomination form. Candidates will be sent an email requesting a CV/resume when you submit the nomination. Nominations and letters of recommendation are confidential. Candidates remain on the active consideration list for 3 years. If a candidate is not selected during the 3-year active consideration cycle, you can nominate them again if all other eligibility requirements are met.


According to a resolution passed in November 1941 by the American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical, and Petroleum Engineers Board of Directors, Honorary Membership may be awarded in appreciation of outstanding service to the Institute and its Societies or in recognition of distinguished scientific or engineering achievement.