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15 February 2020

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1 March 2020


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2020 Awards

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Anthony F. Lucas Gold Medal

The Anthony F. Lucas Gold Medal honors distinguished achievement in the identification and development of new technology and concepts that will enhance the process of finding or producing petroleum. Recipients of this award automatically become Distinguished Members.

2020 - Hisham A. Nasr-El-Din
2019 - Carlos Torres-Verdin
2018 - Robert Barree
2017 - Karen Schou Pedersen
2016 - George J. Hirasaki
2015 - Anil Kumar
2014 – Marvin Gearhart
2013 – Kishore K. Mohanty
2012 – Thomas A. Blasingame
2011 – Curtis Whitson
2010 – Christine A. Ehlig-Economides
2009 – Mukul M. Sharma
2008 – Antonin (Tony) Settari
2007 – S.M. Farouq Ali
2006 – Keith K. Millheim
2005 – Stephen A. Holditch
2004 – Gary A. Pope
2003 – W. John Lee
2002 – Abbas Firoozabadi
2001 – Ian M. Cheshire
2000 – Jean-Laurent Mallet
1999 – Michael J. Fetkovich
1998 – Andre G. Journel
1997 – John C. Calhoun Jr.
1996 – Larry W. Lake
1995 – Fred I. Stalkup
1994 – Lawrence B. Curtis
1993 – Michael Prats
1992 – Lincoln F. Elkins
1991 – Donald W. Peaceman
1990 – George W. Govier
1989 – Keith H. Coats
1987 – Eugene R. Brownscombe
1986 – Henry J. Welge
1985 – Nick Van Wingen
1984 – Joseph E. Warren
1983 – Henry J. Ramey Jr.
1982 – Paul B. Crawford
1981 – Claude R. Hocott
1980 – R.C. Earlougher
1979 – Donald L. Katz
1978 – Gustave E. Archie
1977 – Marshall B. Standing
1976 – J. Clarence Karcher
1975 – Michel T. Halbouty
1974 – William L. Horner
1972 – Albert G. Loomis
1971 – M. King Hubbert
1970 – Henri G. Doll
1969 – Clarence J. Coberly
1968 – A.F. van Everdingen
1967 – John E. Sherborne
1966 – Lloyd E. Elkins
1965 – Ralph D. Wyckoff
1964 – William Hurst
1963 – Lyon F. Terry
1962 – John E. Elliott
1961 – Edwin O. Bennett
1960 – Albert C. Rubel
1959 – John T. Hayward
1958 – Carl E. Reistle Jr.
1957 – John E. Brantly
1956 – Stuart E.Buckley
1954 – Bruce H. Sage
1953 – Morris Muskat
1950 – William E. Wrather
1948 – Wallace E. Pratt
1947 – William N. Lacey
1946 – James O. Lewis
1944 – Charles V. Millikan
1943 – John R. Suman
1941 – Marcel Schlumberger
1941 – Conrad Schlumberger
1940 – Everette L. DeGolyer
1938 – Henry L. Doherty
1936 – J. Edgar Pew


Nominee Eligibility

Anyone displaying significant achievement in the advancement of finding or producing petroleum.

A nominee is not eligible:

  • If they are on the current SPE Board of Directors, Anthony F. Lucas Gold Medal award committee or those who have served in these positions during the past 2 years.
  • If they have received the John Franklin Carll Award or the Lester C. Uren Award in the last 5 years.
  • Based solely on technical achievements that resulted in an SPE technical award.

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This is an AIME Major award. No AIME major award winner is eligible to be nominated for another AIME major award for a period of 9 years.

To Nominate

  1. Fill out nomination form.
  2. Complete all required information on nomination form; incomplete nominations will not be accepted.
  3. Include a complete statement of the reasons for proposing the candidate, with a record of the candidate's professional and industrial achievements in detail.
  4. Collaborate with colleagues to send letters supporting this nomination.
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All information about the candidate and their qualifications for the award must be included on the online nomination form. Candidates will be sent an email requesting a CV/resume when you submit the nomination. Nominations and letters of recommendation are confidential. Candidates remain on the active consideration list for 3 years. If a candidate is not selected during the 3-year active consideration cycle, you can nominate them again if all other eligibility requirements are met.

About Anthony F. Lucas

Anthony F. Lucas was born on 9 September 1855 in Split, Austria, the capital of the Province of Dalmatia which is located in present day Croatia. He was a mining engineer, often referred to as the father of petroleum engineering. His successful drilling of the famous Spindletop field near Beaumont, TX was one of the most important events in the history of the petroleum industry.

The Spindletop discovery in 1901 marked the beginning of the modern petroleum industry. It ushered in the development of the Texas Gulf Coast as a major oil-producing area. Lucas’s advanced knowledge of petroleum engineering principles was revealed when he revisited Spindletop in 1904 to find that 1200 wells had been drilled on 200 acres. Only 100 of these wells were still producing. Lucas then stated that a half dozen wells would have produced more than all those drilled, and he charged that the reservoir had been damaged by indiscriminate drilling activities.

Established in 1936 by AIME as the first major Institute Award to recognize contributions in petroleum engineering, the Anthony F. Lucas Gold Medal is SPE’s major technical award. It recognizes those responsible for developing new technology and concepts and demonstrating distinguished achievement in improving the technique and practice of finding and producing petroleum. The Medal may be presented to a non-member.