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15 February 2020

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1 March 2020


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2020 Awards

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Robert Earll McConnell Award

The Robert Earll McConnell Award recognizes beneficial service to mankind by engineers through significant contributions that advance a nation’s standard of living or replenish its natural resource base. Such significant contribution may be represented by discovery of a major source of mineral supply, or by development of an engineering process to extend present minerals supplies, or by other outstanding engineering contributions that enhance the standard of living.

2020 - Hamdi Tchelepi
2019 - Ahmed S. Abou-Sayed
2018 - Ali Ghalambor
2017 - Charles Williams
2016 - Yuri F. Makogon
2013 – Theodore M. Streit
2013 – Larry Watters
2012 – Norman R. Warpinski
2012 – Joseph Iannicelli
2011 – Ben W. Ebenhack
2010 – Diran Apelian
2009 – James J. Metcalf
2008 – J. Steven Whisler
2007 – Bernard J. Fedak
2006 – Don J. Glenister
2004 – William L. Fisher
2003 – Kenji Kato
2002 – L. Kent Thomas
2001 – Franklin M. Orr, Jr.
2000 – J. David Lowell
1999 – Robin J. Hickson
1998 – R. Lyn Arscott
1997 – Richard L. Lawson
1996 – John T. Williamson
1995 – Ronald L. Geer
1994 – Frank J. Schuh
1993 – TS Ary
1992 – Michael Korchynsky
1990 – Edward J. Dulis
1989 – LW Holm
1988 – Howard A. Koch
1987 – Charles E. O'Neil
1986 – William A. Krivsky
1985 – Robert W. Bartlett
1984 – Nickolas J. Themelis
1983 – F. Kenneth Iverson
1982 – Richard G. Miller, Jr.
1981 – Franklyn K. Levin
1980 – Vernon E. Scheid
1979 – Jim Douglas, Jr.
1979 – Donald W. Peaceman
1979 – Henry H. Rachford, Jr.
1978 – Carl Rampacek
1977 – Geoffrey G. Hunkin
1976 – Robert H. McLemore
1975 – Norwood B. Melcher
1974 – C. Paul Besse
1973 – Maurice Ewing
1972 – Emil Edward Malouf
1971 – Robert F. Bauer
1970 – Vincent D. Perry
1969 – Rollin Eckis


Nominee Eligibility

  • You cannot nominate yourself.

A nominee is not eligible:

  • If they have received the Anthony F. Lucas Medal or the Charles F. Rand Memorial Medal.

  • If they are a recipient of SPE Honorary Membership.

  • If they are on the current SPE Board of Directors, Charles F. Rand Memorial Gold Medal award committee, or have served in these positions during the past 2 years.

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This is an AIME Major award. No AIME major award winner is eligible to be nominated for another AIME major award for a period of 9 years.

To Nominate

  1. Fill out nomination form.
  2. Complete all required information on nomination form; incomplete nominations will not be accepted.
  3. Include a complete statement of the reasons for proposing the candidate, with a record of the candidate's professional and industrial achievements in detail.
  4. Collaborate with colleagues to send letters supporting this nomination.
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All information about the candidate and their qualifications for the award must be included on the online nomination form. Candidates will be sent an email requesting a CV/resume when you submit the nomination. Nominations and letters of recommendation are confidential. Candidates remain on the active consideration list for 3 years. If a candidate is not selected during the 3-year active consideration cycle, you can nominate them again if all other eligibility requirements are met.

About the Robert Earll McConnell Award

The Robert Earll McConnell Award was established in 1968 to recognize beneficial service to mankind by engineers through significant contributions which tend to advance a nation's standard of living or replenish its natural resources. Robert Earll McConnell was a member of AIME and a prominent mining engineer.