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Lori Davis
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SPE Awards: Members Share Their Stories

How does it feel to be nominated for an SPE Award? Or better yet, how does it feel to nominate a winner?

Our members share their SPE Awards stories and explain why you should nominate a colleague for their acheivements in the Oil and Gas Industry.

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Mohamed Abd Elrahman, International Outstanding Young Professional Award Recipient


"I was confused ... Go to the honeymoon [in Turkey], or get awarded [at the Awards show in San Antonio]?"

Image of Egbert Imomoh

Egbert Imomoh, 2013 SPE President


"Make a special effort to identify and nominate potential award recipients."

Read Egbert's Call for Nominations

Nathan Meehan, 2016 SPE President, Award Recipient and Nominator


"I'll tell you a secret. None of it happens because there is a magical awards fairy that goes and and decides who gets those awards. It's because people like you prepare a nomination and nominate someone."

Tom Blasingame, Technical Director and SPE Honorary Member


"If someone were to ask me what the proudest moment in my SPE work is, it's whenever someone who I've nominated receives that recognition."

Maria Capello, Award Recipient and Nominator


"The SPE Awards are the best way our society has to recognize members who have done a little more."