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2024 Regional Judge Portal

We thank you for your service!

SPE Award Subcommittee Members

NOTE: SPE Award nominations and letters of recommendation are confidential.

The 2024 SPE Awards season is underway. Nominations are actively coming in and we are ramping up to the judging phase which will begin in March of 2024.

You are currently serving on an SPE award subcommittee. The term of serving on this subcommittee is one year.

Important Dates & Deadlines For 2024

1 February – Each regional manager will schedule a conference call/orientation for subcommittee members/judges in their region. If you did not receive this invitation, please contact the regional manager for your specific region. Regional manager names can be found in the left rail on this page.

25 February – Supporting letters and CV/Resumes and/or LinkedIn Profiles due for International nominees. 

1 March – Nominations for regional awards due.

10 March – Supporting letters and CV/Resumes and/or LinkedIn Profiles due for Regional nominees.

March – Subcommittee members will be advised when we are ready for you to log in and begin judging.

April/May – If the Regional Director deems a deliberation call necessary, the Regional Manager will facilitate a conference call. Regional Directors will join deliberations, however, they will not participate.

15 May – Recommendations for proposed award recipients due to the board of directors. Regional Directors will approve or disapprove regional award recipients to be moved to the international level of competition in the following year. 

Please Note: We will make every effort to accommodate different time zones when scheduling conference call orientations and deliberations. Given the wide range of time zones, meeting times will fall outside of standard work hours for some. We do ask that you join these calls if they fall within a couple/few hours of your usual hours. For those unable to join, the Regional Manager will email meeting notes to each subcommittee member. If you would like to discuss the meeting notes, please reach out to the Regional Director.

Important Files/Links For 2024

Awards Home
Regional Awards Page
Regional Awards Eligibility  
Regional Awards Program Details  
OpenWater (Judging Platform) Log-In
How to Navigate the Judge Portal
Regional Judge Orientation (Including Judging Instructions)

Judging Phases

Round One – Mandatory
Round Two – Optional (at discretion of the Regional Director)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: As a judge (or Regional/Technical Director) of an award committee, can I nominate a candidate for an award, or provide a letter of support for a candidate?
A: Leadership should maintain the optics of neutrality. We advise against nominating a candidate or providing a letter of support for a candidate for the award which you will be judging. You may, however, nominate or provide a letter of support for a candidate in a different award category — or you may nominate the candidate for an award equivalent to the one you are judging, but at the regional level.

Q: Should judges only consider items within the nomination packet, or can we research using public platforms?
A: Judges may research candidates using public platforms; however, this is not required. If a judge does choose to utilize public platforms, he/she should be consistent and research each candidate to remain consistent and fair.