Establish a Student Chapter

SPE has student chapters around the world that provide an operating framework for society activities at a university level. Each student chapter is sponsored by a local, professional section and has the support of their university department.

Applications for new student chapters are reviewed three times a year: 15 February, June, and October. Please refer to the student chapter resource center to learn more about operating a student chapter and eligibility requirements listed below.


  • At least 25 student members on the petition must be enrolled in a three-year degree program related to the upstream oil and gas industry or a two-year degree specific to petroleum engineering.
  • At least one set of students having graduated from the university with the specified degree.
  • A minimum of 25 student members who are not graduating within 12 months of the establishment date.
  • Officers listed on the petition must be enrolled in the primary degree program and should not be graduating within 12 months of the date of establishment.
  • New student chapters must agree with standard operating regulations as provided by SPE. If alternative versions are preferred, these should be submitted to SPE for approval.
  • Professional SPE member on faculty who is willing to serve as the student chapter advisor.
  • Support from local professional section of SPE.

The establishment petition is divided into 3 parts and is estimated to take at least two weeks to complete the forms after preparing in advance. Petitions open again approximately 6 weeks prior to each deadline.

Before beginning the petition forms, we recommend taking the following steps:

  • Begin conversations with the local section and request support.
  • Secure a university faculty member who will serve as faculty advisor.
  • Put together a list of officers and petitioning members (names and SPE member numbers) and ensure all students have an up-to-date Member Profile.
  • Draft a statement of why you want to form an SPE student chapter at your university.
  • Draft your 1-year plan of activity.

If your university meets all eligibility requirements, begin a new petition here.