Reservoir Technologies of the 21st Century

Abstract: To tackle the current and future challenges of reservoir technologies, the SPE Reservoir Advisory Committee (RAC) began an initiative in May 2019 to develop a comprehensive strategic plan to review, revise, and update the reservoir technical discipline. 56 subject-matter experts—organized into study groups focused on the three main topics of reservoir characterization, reservoir engineering and reservoir management. The resulting green paper*, which is presented here, is not envisioned as an authoritative document but rather a candid, as well as provocative, account of the state of the reservoir discipline. As a general disclaimer, this work is not intended to be an SPE position statement, nor is it an SPE board report. Rather, it is an attempt by a group of subject matter experts to inspire discussion regarding the reservoir technologies that will be required to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

*For the purpose of this work, the term “green paper” describes a tentative report/consultation document with technical proposals prepared for discussion.

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Erdal Ozkan, SPE Reservoir Technical Director (2018–2021)

Contributing Authors
Ridvan Akkurt
I. Yucel Akkutlu
Mohammed Al-Kobaisi
Omer Alpak
Osman Apaydin
Ryan Armstrong
Emre Artun
Vincent Artus
Neha Bansal
Tom Blasingame
Martin Blunt
Reggie Boles
Rodolfo Camacho
Wei-Chun Chu
Birol Dindoruk
Tuba Firincioglu
Ted Griffin
Vincenzo Guerriero
David Hampton
Don Harville
Florian Hollaender
Matt Honarpour
Olivier Houze
Mazher Ibrahim
Dilhan Ilk
Bernadette Johnson
Mohan Kelkar
Basak Kurtoglu
John Lee
Craig Lindsay
Bo Lu
Sebastien Matringe
Kishore Mohanty
Benoît Noetinger
Mike Onyekonwu
Holger Ott
Chet Ozgen
Richard Pemper
Stephanie Perry
Maša Prodanović
Mark Proett
Stefano Pruno
Faisal Rasdi
Ram Ratnakar
Andrew Royle
Vinay Sahni
Sathish Sankaran
Steve Sonnenberg
Vlad Sudakov
Vural S. Suicmez
Jonas Toelke
Carlos Torres-Verdin
Ali Tura
Francesca Verga
Xiaolong Yin
Joe Young