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Distinguished Lecturer 2023-24 Season

Enhance your knowledge and grow professionally by hearing these experts in their fields.


Andreas Hohl

Andreas Hohl, Baker Hughes

Mastering the Challenges of High-Frequency Torsional Oscillations in Hard Rock Drilling

SPE discipline: Drilling


Babak Moradi

Babak Moradi, Three60 Energy

Waterflood Optimization by Data Analytics on Mature Fields - Accelerated the Field Developing Process from Months to Weeks

SPE discipline: Data Science and Engineering Analytics



Claudia Sorgi

Claudia Sorgi, SLB

New Energy, New Challenges. Are Geomechanics Solutions Advanced Enough to Support the Transition Journey?

SPE discipline: Reservoir



Craig Barrie

Craig Barrie, Applied Petroleum Technology

Are You Draining From Where You Think You Are?The Answer Is: Not Necessarily!

SPE discipline: Reservoir


Dan Dall’Acqua

Dan Dall’Acqua, Noetic Engineering 2008 Inc.

Extending Reach, with Integrity: Successfully Protecting Casing in ERD Tubular Running Operations

SPE discipline: Drilling



Dan Hill

Dan Hill, Texas A&M University

Acid Stimulation of Carbonate Formations: Matrix Acidizing or Acid Fracturing?

SPE discipline: Production and Operations



Derrick O’Keeffe

Derrick O’Keeffe, Independent Consultant

Surviving the Next Crisis: Building Positive Mental Health

 SPE discipline: Management



Eric Ding

Eric Ding, International Reservoir Technologies

Hydrocarbon Miscible EOR in Conventional and Unconventional Reservoirs

SPE discipline: Reservoir



Flora Moon

Flora Moon, Expressworks LLC

Regenerative Practice for Oil & Gas: Our Unique Opportunity to be Part of the Solution

SPE discipline: Health, Safety, Environment, and Sustainability



François-Xavier Dubost

François-Xavier Dubost, SLB

Transforming How to Evaluate Wells and Unlock Reserves: Deep Transient Testing

SPE discipline: Reservoir



Gaojing (Melody) Cao

Gaojing (Melody) Cao, SLB

Surface Facilities-The Forgotten Member in Early Field Development Planning

SPE discipline: Projects, Facilities and Construction



Garrett Fowler

Garrett Fowler, ResFrac

How to Leverage What We’ve Learned About Hydraulic Fractures

SPE discipline: Completions



Hussain Albahrani

Hussain Albahrani, Saudi Aramco

Taking Drilling Geomechanics to The Digital World and the Dynamic Drilling Environment

SPE discipline: Drilling



Jaideva Goswami

Jaideva Goswami, NOV Inc. Retired

Early Kick Detection: Sensors, Data Acquisition, and Analysis

SPE discipline: Drilling



Janelle Lawer

Janelle Lawer, Woodside PLC

Is Mercury Contaminating your Natural Gas? Improved Accuracy in Downhole Analysis; A Case Study from Sand Face to Production Stream 

SPE discipline: Production and Operations



Kan Wu

Kan Wu, Texas A&M University

Distributed Fiber Optic Strain Sensing for Hydraulic Fracture Geometry Characterization

SPE discipline: Completions



Martin Storey

Martin Storey, Well Data QA

A Survival Guide for Digital Transformation

SPE discipline: Data Science and Engineering Analytics



Norman Ritchie

Norman Ritchie, vPSI Group, LLC

New Methods for Learning from Incidents Involving Human & Organizational Performance

SPE discipline: Health, Safety, Environment, and Sustainability



Pallav Sarma

Pallav Sarma, Tachyus

Physics Embedded Machine Learning for Modeling and Optimization of Mature Fields

SPE discipline: Data Science and Engineering Analytics


Patricia E. Carreras

Patricia E. Carreras, Blue Moon Strategies

Are You Culturally Savvy? How to Excel in a Multicultural Industry

SPE discipline: Management



Rawdon Seager

Rawdon Seager, Gaffney, Cline & Associates

Carbon Capture and Storage and the SPE CO2 Storage Resources Management System (SRMS)

SPE discipline: Reservoir



Rick Chalaturnyk

Rick Chalaturnyk, University of Alberta

CO2 Geological Storage from 8 Years of Dynamic Injection at the Aquistore CO2 Storage Site

SPE discipline: Reservoir



Rita Esuru Okoroafor

Rita Esuru Okoroafor, Texas A&M University

How Oil and Gas Competencies are Shaping Low Carbon Energy Technologies

SPE discipline: Health, Safety, Environment, and Sustainability



Robello Samuel

Robello Samuel, Halliburton

Steering Conventional and Unconventional Wells with Positive Displacement Motor – Advancements and Future Directions

SPE discipline: Drilling



Simon J. Sparke

Simon J. Sparke, International Well Integrity Ltd

Well Integrity in the Operate Phase of the Well Lifecycle – Our Role as Crime Scene Detectives

SPE discipline: Production and Operations



Steve Rosenberg

Steve Rosenberg, Subsea Drive Corporation

Let's Challenge the Deepwater Well Design Paradigm with Casing Drilling

SPE discipline: Drilling



Tom Bradley

Tom Bradley, Baker Hughes

Application of Oil and Gas Subsurface Evaluation Methodology to Geothermal: The Value of Data

SPE discipline: Reservoir



Torsten Clemens

Torsten Clemens, OVM E&P

Production Forecasting and Decision Making in Field (Re-)Development Planning Under Uncertainty

SPE discipline: Reservoir



2023-24 Distinguished Lecturers