About SPE Forums

Forums are developed by the Forum Series Coordinating Committee and approved by the SPE Board of Directors. Planning and coordination is overseen by the Forum Series Implementation Committees, one committee dedicated for the western hemisphere and one committee dedicated for the eastern hemisphere. Forum topics are determined by relevance to region and technical discipline.

What is an SPE Forum?

  • A collaborative, idea‐generating event that stimulates new ideas and innovation about future of the E&P industry.
  • A week‐long exploration of the future.
  • A gathering together of 50‐75 of the best minds to discuss new ways of viewing the future that could not be achieved individually.
  • Focusing on the future; where the technology could or should go, generating ideas rather than solving problems, and emphasizing discussion rather than presentation.

What are SPE Forum Objectives?

  • Stimulate thought and accelerate technology development.
  • Promote maximum discussion and minimum prepared presentation.
  • Maximize the discussion of new advances and minimize reviewing established technology.
  • Encourage discussion of new, unpublished, and incomplete work.
  • Encourage communication between knowledgeable people from industrial, governmental, and academic institutions and diverse geographical backgrounds and work areas.
  • Keep the topics as international in scope as possible.

How is an SPE Forum Different from an SPE Workshop or Conference?

In an SPE Forum:

  • Industry technical leaders become acquainted and exchange ideas in an informal setting.
  • A limited number of participants are selected for their ability to contribute to Forum objectives.
  • There is an informal discussion format that encourages unpublished and incomplete results.
  • There can be single discipline or multidisciplinary topics.
  • The attendees don’t solve problems, but rather, they raise and discuss issues.

About Forums

Who should participate?

Participation is limited to maximize each participant's opportunity to contribute. Participants at SPE Forums are selected by the Forum Steering Committee based on the ability to contribute to the discussion of the topic.

Do you want to exchange ideas with other experts?

Participation in a forum builds a professional network that will enhance a career for a lifetime. Forums offer an exclusive opportunity to interact with innovators, seasoned professionals, and leading technologists.

Are you a young professional with relevant experience and knowledge of the forum topic?

Get involved now. Forums are a window on the future that belongs to the next generation of professionals.

Are you looking to establish your technical reputation in a way that benefits you and your company?

Forums provide the perfect setting by serving as early incubators for future trends and technologies.