Forum Guidelines

Participant Information

Accepted participants will receive their registration form and other materials immediately after the participant selection process is completed, within two weeks of the application deadline. For those requiring visas to attend the forum, please ensure you leave sufficient time for your visa to be processed.

Forum Guidelines

The following will prepare attendees for what to expect when attending a forum:

  • Participants are expected to attend every session.
  • Slides are limited, allowing maximum time for informal discussions and exchange of experience.
  • Forums are conducted off the record to support the free interchange of information and ideas.
  • Extensive note taking is not allowed.
  • Recording of any forum session is prohibited.
  • Information disclosed at a forum may not be used publicly without the originator’s permission.
  • Participants are requested to omit reference to forum proceedings in any subsequent published work or oral presentation.
  • A written summary may be prepared and distributed to attendees after the forum at the discretion of the steering committee and SPE approval.
  • No commercialism in the session room.

Forum Guidelines – found in the Forum Manual document (pdf)