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Emerging knowledge and resources on prevailing energy topics from SPE industry experts

In Focus: Key Oil and Gas Topics

SPE is firmly focused on the future of our industry. Here, our member experts contribute cutting-edge and deep dive articles, videos, and podcasts on critical energy topics.

In each topic section you'll discover:

  • DISCUSSIONS: video panels and interviews with experts and colleagues that illuminate the issues, challenges and solutions  

  • CURRENT NEWS:  what's going on in the industry today and how others are responding to the topic, in our Journal of Petroleum Technology news and features 

  • KNOWLEDGE: learn more, or refresh your knowledge, with a curated list of SPE webinars (many at no cost), training courses, and books from the most respected subject matter experts 

  • RESEARCH: dive deeper by exploring the OnePetro collection of scholarly research and presentations you can narrow down to your specific interests.