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Connecting Geothermal, Oil and Gas Communities
Bridging the Gap Between Geothermal and Oil & Gas

Latest Geothermal News: Journal of Petroleum Technology

A Comparative Study of the Effect of CO2 Properties on Thermal Output of Geothermal Wells

14 July 2022
Using CO2 as the geothermal power fluid to generate electricity from low-temperature abandoned hydrocarbon wells can help reduce well costs and optimize energy production. In this paper, a previously developed coupled well/reservoir model is extended to study the effects of fluid properties on thermal output.

The Fracturing Plan: Hit a Well 300 ft Away—How Hard Could That Be?

07 June 2022
Hitting the next well during fracturing happens all the time. Predictably doing that on a large scale in granite looks a lot harder.

Drillers vs. Granite: Hard Rock Is Losing Its Edge

01 June 2022
The drilling of wells in shale and granite shares a common need—faster drilling is required to make it work.

Nabors Investment Seeks To Bring Plasma Drilling to Forefront of Geothermal Developments

30 March 2022
Founded in 2008, GA Drilling is developing plasma-based tools to achieve drilling speeds that are about three times faster than what conventional bit technology has historically achieved.

Patterson-UTI Invests in Geothermal Development Company

08 March 2022
Criterion Energy Partners' immediate focus is to deliver direct heat and power to industrial customers in the Texas Gulf Coast region.

Baker Hughes Invests in GreenFire Geothermal Company

01 March 2022
The two companies will work to retrofit nonproducing wells for geothermal production and scale GreenFire Energy’s closed-loop advanced geothermal systems.

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