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SPE is firmly focused on the future of our industry. Here, our member experts focus on geothermal connections and opportunities in the industry. Join in the discussion of new technologies, challenges and opportunities, the latest news and developments, and resources to grow your knowledge.


Discussing New Technologies and Opportunities

Energy in 3: What is Geothermal Energy?
This 3-minute excerpt from an SPE Live examines three types of geothermal energy and how digital technology has enabled researchers to study how much heat can be produced as part of Project CUBO at Cornell University.
Trends in Well Construction Automation: More to Come?
This SPE Live touches on some of the known knowns and known unknowns to start unravelling the issues facing the future of automation in constructing oil & gas and geothermal wells.
Connecting Geothermal, Oil and Gas Communities
Multiple SPE sections organized the SPE Europe Energy GEOHackathon, aimed at educating and disseminating knowledge on how Data Science applications can support Geothermal Energy Developments and drive the Energy Transition.

Latest Geothermal News: Journal of Petroleum Technology

Pertamina Teams With Chevron, Mubadala To Explore Geothermal Opportunities

16 November 2023
The companies have agreed to study the development of geothermal energy in Indonesia to further the country’s goal of adding 3.3 GW of geothermal capacity by 2030.

Tracking the Energy Transition: Plans Fall Victim to Rising Project Costs

15 November 2023
Several projects have been scrapped across the US as inflation causes project costs to soar, while projects in Costa Rica and Rotterdam move forward.

Africa To Overtake Europe in Geothermal Capacity by 2030

06 November 2023
An estimated $35 billion in investment is expected to pour into geothermal projects in Kenya and Ethiopia through 2050.

Fervo Energy Launches First Phase of 400-MW Geothermal Project in Utah

27 September 2023
The oil and gas industry-backed geothermal firm plans to drill up to 29 wells in southwestern Utah that will deliver electricity to the state's grid by 2026.

Test Shows Fracturing Can Also Create Underground Water Heating Systems

01 September 2023
Fervo Energy’s bet that fracturing methods can be used for geothermal power is looking like a winner.

Hackathon Targets Geothermal Energy

24 August 2023
Registration is open for the SPE Europe Energy GeoHackathon, which will be held in October and November. It will be preceded by 4-week online bootcamp sessions on data science and geothermal energy, which will begin on 2 October.

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