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SPE is firmly focused on the future of our industry. Here, our member experts focus on hydrogen and its role in energy transition, including blue hydrogen and the goals of net zero. Join in the discussion of new technologies, challenges and opportunities, the latest news and developments, and resources to grow your knowledge.


Discussing New Technologies and Opportunities

Energy in 3: What are the Colors of Hydrogen?
In this 3-minute highlight from an SPE webinar, learn the different colors of hydrogen and how they are defined within the oil and gas industry.
Are Hydrogen Storage Materials the Answer to Long Duration Energy Storage?
During this SPE Live, Dr. Maruthi Devarakonda presents past learnings from a program focused on hydrogen storage materials engineering for vehicular fuel cell applications.
We Are Delivering the Energy Transition Through Hydrogen and CCUS
This SPE Live explores gaps in Energy Transition success, what is being done already and how this enables a Net Zero future.

Latest Hydrogen News: Journal of Petroleum Technology

Effort To Turn Black Gold Into Gold Hydrogen Approaches Biggest Test Yet

29 November 2023
Cemvita and ChampionX are launching a pilot project next year to turn an old oil field into one that may yield tonnes of hydrogen each day.

Tracking the Energy Transition: Plans Fall Victim to Rising Project Costs

15 November 2023
Several projects have been scrapped across the US as inflation causes project costs to soar, while projects in Costa Rica and Rotterdam move forward.

The New “Gold Rush” Hunts for Subsurface Hydrogen

01 November 2023
A gold strike was announced in October. But in this case the gold was naturally occurring hydrogen in a former coal basin in France.

White House Announces Seven Regional Hydrogen Hubs

24 October 2023
The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law will be used to distribute $7 billion to the seven projects across the country.

Hydrogen City Project in South Texas Moves Forward

12 October 2023
Green Hydrogen International and Inpex have agreed to work together to develop GHI’s flagship project while evaluating large-scale green hydrogen/ammonia exports.

SPE Asia Pacific Hydrogen Week: Unlocking the Potential of Hydrogen

10 October 2023
Advanced technologies for hydrogen production took center stage at the recent event, with presentations covering both blue and green hydrogen production methods, achieving improved efficiency and reduced costs, innovations in electrolysis, and advancements in steam methane reforming.

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