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SPE is firmly focused on the future of our industry. Here, our member experts focus on hydrogen and its role in energy transition, including blue hydrogen and the goals of net zero. Join in the discussion of new technologies, challenges and opportunities, the latest news and developments, and resources to grow your knowledge.


Discussing New Technologies and Opportunities

Energy in 3: What are the Colors of Hydrogen?
In this 3-minute highlight from an SPE webinar, learn the different colors of hydrogen and how they are defined within the oil and gas industry.
Are Hydrogen Storage Materials the Answer to Long Duration Energy Storage?
During this SPE Live, Dr. Maruthi Devarakonda presents past learnings from a program focused on hydrogen storage materials engineering for vehicular fuel cell applications.
We Are Delivering the Energy Transition Through Hydrogen and CCUS
This SPE Live explores gaps in Energy Transition success, what is being done already and how this enables a Net Zero future.

Latest Hydrogen News: Journal of Petroleum Technology

ADNOC, Baker Hughes Collaborate on Hydrogen Technology

10 May 2023
The agreement seeks to accelerate the deployment of new technology to produce green and low-carbon hydrogen and graphene.

Study Compares Underground Hydrogen Storage Sites

24 April 2023
Several options exist for large-scale hydrogen underground storage: lined caverns, salt domes, saline aquifers, and depleted oil/gas reservoirs. In this paper, a commercial reservoir simulator was used to model cyclic injection/withdrawal from saline aquifers and depleted oil/gas reservoirs. The results revealed the need to contain the stored volume with an integrated approach to site selection, well locations, and operation.

Tracking the Energy Transition: EPA Details $2.7B Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund

24 April 2023
Also: A report says Bitcoin mining could ease emissions. Haliburton is accelerating its clean-energy efforts, while insurer Chubb cracks down on methane. ExxonMobil and Linde team up in Texas. Shell plans to limit CO2 emissions in Dutch plants, and Drax presses pause on bioenergy in the UK.

How To Leverage E&P Expertise for the New Energy Economy

01 April 2023
The technology and knowledge base of the E&P sector is poised to play a major role in the newer, lower-carbon energy economy.

The Uncertain Bright Future of Underground Hydrogen Storage

01 April 2023
Building up the world’s hydrogen base will need technological breakthroughs and a lot of new demand. But to store it, the world needs reservoir engineers and other subsurface experts.

Digging Into the US Gulf Coast's 'Salt Real Estate' for Hydrogen Storage

30 March 2023
Researchers are building a comprehensive database of hundreds of salt domes to help expand subsurface hydrogen storage in the US.

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