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SPE is firmly focused on the future of our industry. Here, our member experts focus on methane emissions, management and the goals of net zero. Join in the discussion of new technologies, challenges and opportunities, the latest news and developments, and resources to grow your knowledge.


Examining New Technologies and Opportunities

Reducing Methane Emissions in the O&G Value Chain
Can We Get to Zero Methane Emissions at Our Facilities?
Service Providers' Perspectives on Methane Emissions Management
Methane Emissions Management for Operations

Latest Methane News: Journal of Petroleum Technology

Pending US Law Offers Big Boost to CO2 Storage Credits in Exchange for New Fees on Methane Emissions

09 August 2022
Using a carrot-and-stick approach, the US federal government is poised to spur the nation's oil and gas industry into doing more to combat emissions.

ESG Certifications Gain Momentum in the Industry

01 August 2022
The assumption of lower emissions from natural gas only holds true when the methane leaks and flaring are addressed. Mitigation of methane emissions offers an opportunity for the oil and gas industry to drastically reduce overall emissions that are typically reported on a CO2-equivalent basis. Some producers opt to showcase their good performance via voluntary certification programs.

Gas Production-2022

01 August 2022
In response to sustained global demand, the development of gas production technology continues unabated. The chain starts with enabling production from an ever-wider range of resources, including source rock (shale), coal-seam gas, deep offshore gas, contaminated gas, and methane-hydrate sediment or by maximizing recovery from existing reservoirs by enhanced-gas-recovery schemes based on injection of nitrogen or carbon dioxide.

Three Big US Producers Join Industry Coalition To Improve Transparency of Methane Reporting

14 July 2022
The Oil and Gas Methane Partnership 2.0 counts more than 80 upstream companies as members, representing more than 30% of global production.

Chevron Poised To Market Responsibly Sourced Gas From Texas and Colorado

04 July 2022
Chevron assets in Texas and Colorado have earned high marks for control of methane emissions under a pilot program with Project Canary, paving the way for its sale of responsibly sourced gas.

Studies of Methane Leaks in UK Decommissioned Wells Contrast Methods and Results

29 June 2022
A study of a limited number of decommissioned oil and gas wells in England found no evidence of methane leaks, including four wells found to be leaking in an earlier study.

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