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SPE is firmly focused on the future of our industry. Here, our member experts focus on methane emissions, management and the goals of net zero. Join in the discussion of new technologies, challenges and opportunities, the latest news and developments, and resources to grow your knowledge.


Examining New Technologies and Opportunities

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Latest Methane News: Journal of Petroleum Technology

Biden Tightens Methane Emissions Rule Amid Push for More Oil

23 November 2022
The Biden administration has ramped up efforts to reduce methane emissions, targeting the oil and gas industry for its role in global warming even as President Joe Biden has pressed energy producers for more oil drilling to lower prices at the gasoline pump.

UN Announces Satellite-Based Global Methane Detection System

14 November 2022
The new Methane Alert and Response System initiative aims to scale up global efforts to detect and act on major emission sources in a transparent manner and accelerate implementation of the UN’s Global Methane Pledge. The system is designed to alert governments, companies, and operators about large methane sources to aid rapid mitigation.

UCLA Receives $21 Million Grant To Study Health Effects of Aliso Canyon Gas Leak

08 November 2022
A multidisciplinary team of UCLA scientists and health care practitioners will conduct the health study, which will consist of five components—a health and health care use assessment, exposure assessment, community engagement, data management and statistical analysis, and overall program administration.

Methane Super-Emitters Mapped by NASA’s New Earth Space Mission

26 October 2022
Built to help scientists understand how dust affects climate, the Earth Surface Mineral Dust Source Investigation can also pinpoint emissions of the potent greenhouse gas.

Chevron Publishes Methane Report

25 October 2022
The company says its methane intensity has gone down by more than 50% since 2016.

Biogas Picks Up Steam as Major Oil and Gas Companies Invest More Than $4 Billion Combined in Pair of Projects

18 October 2022
A duo of deals sees BP snapping up a US biogas producer, while TC Energy invests in producing biogas from Jack Daniel's byproducts.

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