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Latest Process Safety News: Journal of Petroleum Technology

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Report Reveals Growing Gap Between Process Safety Goals and Reality

Data from Sphera’s latest Safety Report reveals a persistent gap between the intent and reality of process safety management, while environmental, social, and governance concerns are a growing consideration for process-safety management and operational-risk management professionals.

Incident Results in Evaluation of Functional Safety Life Cycle

An incident at Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) resulted in an investigation that revealed that, even though required risk-reduction levels were achieved in design, the rest of the safety instrumentation life cycle phases were not rigorously adhered to. This paper presents various actions taken by PDO to make sure that what is designed is operated and maintained as intended.

IOGP Releases Report on Process Safety Fundamentals

The International Association of Oil and Gas Producers developed its Process Safety Fundamentals report to support companies as they seek to reduce, and ultimately eliminate, severe and fatal process-safety events.

Analysis of Process Safety Data Aims To Keep People Alive

The IOGP Safety Committee has conducted a multiyear strategic project to focus on fatality prevention, known as Project Safira, which addresses transportation safety, personal safety, and process safety. This paper presents data-analysis work conducted on process safety and the associated learnings.

Embedded Incident Learning Helps Prevent Repeated Process-Safety Incidents

This paper provides an overview of the company’s journey toward preventing significant process-safety incidents. Each step involved in this journey plays a key part. By focusing the improvement of the process on individual steps, the overall learning process has improved significantly.

Human-Factors Engineering Mitigates Accidents in Process Industries

In process industries, major accidents can result in numerous severe injuries or fatalities. This study reviews the broken human factors and barriers leading to these events and highlights key aspects of a technological-risk-assessment processes.

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