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24-26 Jan 2023
Abu Dhabi
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SPE is firmly focused on the future of our industry. From examining new technologies in reservoir simulation to understanding fundamentals and advanced analysis, join in the discussion of challenges and opportunities, the latest news and developments, and opportunities to grow your knowledge.



Discussing New Technologies and Opportunities

SPE Live: DL Series – Digital Transformation of Reservoir Management
SPE Live: Big Data and Machine Learning in Reservoir Analysis
SPE Tech Talks: Transforming Stimulation Through Intervention

Reservoir Simulation News

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Forecasting Technique Bridges Gap Between Material Balance and Reservoir Simulation

The paper describes an approach to history matching and forecasting that does not require a reservoir simulation model, is data driven, and includes a physics model based on material balance.

Physics-Informed Neural Networks Help Predict Fluid Flow in Porous Media

This paper presents a physics-informed neural network technique able to use information from fluid-flow physics as well as observed data to model the Buckley-Leverett problem.

Reservoir Simulation-2022

Whether it be Derrick Turk asking us to “resist the temptation to accrue vocabulary rather than understanding” or Mark Bentley telling us that “if you can sketch it you can model it,” there does seem to be a growing pushback against the notions that the modeling/simulation process can be successfully shrink-wrapped and that fundamental understanding is increasingly a legacy requirement.

Study Identifies the Seven Wastes of Reservoir Modeling Projects

This paper evaluates learnings from the past 30 years of methods that aim to quantify the uncertainty in the subsurface using multiple realizations, describing major challenges and outlining potential ways to overcome them.

ConocoPhillips Adopts Schlumberger’s Reservoir Software

Schlumberger announced that ConocoPhillips will use its DELFI platform to move its data to the cloud.

Approach Couples Reservoir Simulation With Wellbore Model for Horizontal Wells

This paper introduces methods to fully couple reservoir simulation with wellbore flow models in fractured injection wells.

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