Support SPE Programs

The SPE Foundation supports or sponsors the programs described below:

Distinguished Lecturer Program

The Distinguished Lecturer Program extends the knowledge and experience of some of the industry’s top experts by making available to every SPE section up to three live lectures per year.

  • 30+ experts, selected by a rigorous peer-review process, travel the globe to share their expertise with industry professionals.
  • Through more than 550+ presentations each year, these experts address current technical topics, answer countless questions, and advance technology on all fronts.


Industry experts explore solutions to real problems and discuss trending topics through webinars including:

  • Distinguished Lecturers
  • Global Training
  • Technical Activities

Scholarships and Student Programs

Today’s students are tomorrow’s professionals. They are the future and that is why the SPE Foundation supports students with scholarships, including:

In addition, the SPE Foundation supports the following programs:

  • Student Paper Contests
  • Ambassador Lecturer Program, in which young professionals travel to student chapters to talk about the transition into the industry
  • Student Travel to SPE Meetings
  • Special Student Sessions, events just for students at select SPE conferences

Public Energy Education

The SPE Foundation helps fund materials for teachers, teacher-and-student workshops, and the Energy4me website. Launched by SPE in 2007, the Energy4me program primarily focuses on:

  • Providing factual information for use in the classroom, and outside schools in the hands of professional members globally in multiple languages
  • Educating the public about energy and putting a face on the industry
  • Spreading the word about energy conservation, the future of the oil and gas industry and its effect on the planet