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The SPE Bleeding Edge of RTA group (BERG) collected data from industry partners to make available for use for training, research, publishing and development.  While the group is no longer active, the datasets remain as resources to the industry.  The sole stipulation to its use is that it is properly referenced when used in an internal or external document or published work. This reference should have the format: 'SPE Data Repository: Data Set: {data set number}, Well Number: {well number}. From URL: {retrieved from URL}'

Meeting a Need

  • Many academic institutions lack access to quality production data
  • Our industry does not have any generally accepted rate transient analysis examples that are universally referenceable and trusted
  • Those interested in testing proposed methods published in the literature often lack the level of data required to verify or contend the proposed methodology.

Anonymization Considerations

When data is submitted there are several levels we can implement to honor varying degrees of anonymity, from no anonymizing, to removing clearly identificable indicators, to modifying to a synthetic dataset based on the real data. 

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Accessing the Datasets

SPE membership is not required, but users must have a site login to access the datasets.  Members use their SPE login; nonmembers may register for a login here.

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