Leading Recruiters

Cumulative Member Recruitment Credits by Region

Current (paid) members are listed below according to their regions. This list is updated quarterly. For questions regarding your credits, please contact Customer Service.

Last, First Name SPE Section Total Credits
Emelle, Chima Port Harcourt Section 135
Dosunmu, Adewale Port Harcourt Section 132
Edet, Effiom Port Harcourt Section 125
Aisien, Nosakhare Benin City Nigeria Section 117
Udofia, Abasiubong Port Harcourt Section 108
Othman, Mohammed Port Harcourt Section 108
Okonkwo, Fidelis Lagos Section 102
Osakwe, Lawrence Port Harcourt Section 102
Ogunkoya, Anthony Lagos Section 100
Anochie, Victor Abuja Section 90
Agbor, Etta Port Harcourt Section 81
Iwo Sunday, Papamie Port Harcourt Section 80
Kuku, Olatunde Lagos Section 70
Bada, Adebola Port Harcourt Section 59
Anikpo, Felix Port Harcourt Section 55
Ezeudembah, Agodichukwu Port Harcourt Section 54
Udoh, Emem Lagos Section 53
Essien, Nkese Port Harcourt Section 42
Nwaukwa, Isaac Port Harcourt Section 40
Umeh, Nnaemeka Lagos Section 38
Tsouza, Constant Congo Section 37
Akenobo, Charles Benin City Nigeria Section 32
Kalu, George Abuja Section 30
Ohenhen, Ikponmwosa Benin City Nigeria Section 29
Shehu, Saifullahi Warri Nigeria Section 29
Nwakwue, Joseph Lagos Section 27
Neyin, Alexander Warri Nigeria Section 27
Ozobeme, Oghenero Lagos Section 27
Kato, Obadiah Uganda Section 27
Ohimor, Innocent Port Harcourt Section 26
Uchendu, Chinwe Port Harcourt Section 25
Danmadami, Amina Abuja Section 25
Ayim, Francis Benin City Nigeria Section 24
Ovuema, Augustina Warri Nigeria Section 23
Dike, Francis Warri Nigeria Section 22
Onengiye, Bruce Warri Nigeria Section 22
Dagogo-Jack, Cyrusba Port Harcourt Section 21
Hamza, Salisu Benin City Nigeria Section 20
Kyokwijuka, Rebecca Uganda Section 20
Onyekonwu, Michael Port Harcourt Section 19
Fagbami, Adebowale Port Harcourt Section 19
Oshuntuyi, Temitope Lagos Section 19
Salaudeen, Abdulhakeem Port Harcourt Section 19
Ighoro, Polycarp Warri Nigeria Section 19
Setchimi, Hassan N'Djamena Section 19
Egede, Frank Warri Nigeria Section 18
Ezeukwu, Toni Lagos Section 17
Otabor, Osamudiamen Lagos Section 16
Pedro, Abiye Port Harcourt Section 16
Silveira, Rossini Uganda Section 15
Adegbite, Michael Warri Nigeria Section 15
Nnajiofor, Okwuoma Lagos Section 15
Ogele, Chile Lagos Section 14
Agolia, Ipalibo Warri Nigeria Section 14
Adeusi, Rotimi Benin City Nigeria Section 14
Sawyerr, Anthony Lagos Section 13
Ashafa, Oladipo Lagos Section 13
Mofunlewi, Samuel Port Harcourt Section 12
Essiane Essone, Jean-Yvon Gabon Section 11
Ibrahim, Ismaila Port Harcourt Section 11
Obike, Felix Warri Nigeria Section 11
Akwukwaegbu, Alexus Port Harcourt Section 10
Jaja, Adagogo Lagos Section 10
Obuotor, Julia Port Harcourt Section 10
Taiger, Edidiong Port Harcourt Section 10
Zerari, Djamel Dakar Section 10
Henio, Alberto Angola Section 10
Diakhaby, Mohamed Dakar Section 10
Obah, Boniface Port Harcourt Section 9
Akinpelu, Lateef Lagos Section 9
Ucho, Clement Lagos Section 9
Iyalla, Erepagamoye Abuja Section 9
Amanda, Brenda Uganda Section 9
Gracas De Deus, Manuel Angola Section 8
Alala, Onyedikachi Lagos Section 8
Nwaochei, Francis Lagos Section 8
Moigny, Eric Congo Section 8
Egbe, Pringle Port Harcourt Section 8
Egwuatu, Christopher Warri Nigeria Section 7
Etim, Ntietemi Lagos Section 7
Abolarin, Anthony Port Harcourt Section 6
Kwelle, Stephen Port Harcourt Section 6
Giegbefumwen, Uyi Benin City Nigeria Section 6
Yusufu, Mustapha Lagos Section 6
Tahir, Salahuddeen Abuja Section 6
Nwankwo, Okechukwu Lagos Section 6
Esperanca, Francisco Maputo Section 6
Frederic, JEBSOUBO N'Djamena Section 6
Imomoh, Egbert Lagos Section 5
Amissah-arthur, Kobina Ghana Section 5
Idehen, Kevin Warri Nigeria Section 5
Musa, Lazarus Port Harcourt Section 5
Agunwah, Chukwuka Lagos Section 5
Carvalho, Makyese Angola Section 5
Isemin, Isemin Port Harcourt Section 5
Enwere, Priscilla Lagos Section 5
Mezie-okoye, Somto Lagos Section 5
Ogbodu, Stella Port Harcourt Section 5
Igbanoi, Emmanuel Warri Nigeria Section 5


See full list of recruiters in the Africa Region.

Last, First Name SPE Section Total Credits
Givargiznia, Ninous Calgary Section 215
Springate, Gordon Maritimes Section 116
Chang, Helen Calgary Section 108
Chourio Arocha, Geragg Calgary Section 104
Aldalawy, Ammar Calgary Section 53
Hough, Roger Vancouver Section 36
Cracknell, W. Calgary Section 32
Trimble, Stephen Calgary Section 31
Koster, W. Calgary Section 28
Sullivan, Michael Calgary Section 25
Gaudet, Denis Calgary Section 24
Mawhinney, Gregor Atlantic Canada Section 24
Buzinsky, Andrew Calgary Section 23
Mracek, Robert Calgary Section 21
Wilkinson, Brian Calgary Section 21
Sadiq, Farhan Calgary Section 18
Takahashi, Suzanne Calgary Section 17
Pearson, Robert Calgary Section 16
Mungan, Necmettin Calgary Section 16
Spady, Darcy Vancouver Section 16
Abdelrahman, Mohamed Calgary Section 16
Etuhoko, Michael Calgary Section 16
Davis, Stephen Calgary Section 15
Maddison, David Calgary Section 15
Bowles, Roger Calgary Section 14
Shrivastava, Vijay Calgary Section 14
Beliveau, Dennis Calgary Section 13
Marcinew, Richard Calgary Section 12
Voghell, Mark Edmonton Section 12
van Regen, Nickolas Calgary Section 11
Matthews, Cameron Edmonton Section 10
Zahacy, Todd Edmonton Section 10
Okusanya, Adekunle Calgary Section 10
Nghiem, Long Calgary Section 9
De Leebeeck, Andre Vancouver Section 9
Chong, Wah San Calgary Section 9
Puerto, Edgar Calgary Section 9
Dunn, Lonnie Edmonton Section 9
Mills, Thomas Calgary Section 9
Otubaga, Ademola Calgary Section 9
Mattar, Louis Calgary Section 8
Rajan, Varagur Edmonton Section 8
Hanna Alla, Ramez Calgary Section 8
Khallad, Abraham Calgary Section 7
Stang, Brent Calgary Section 7
Angman, Per Calgary Section 7
Koning, Tako Calgary Section 7
Cleland, Noel Calgary Section 6
Keith, David Calgary Section 6
Kamis, Michael Calgary Section 6
Coggan, Ronald Calgary Section 6
Weatherill, Brian Calgary Section 6
Gatens, J Calgary Section 6
Steele, Robert Calgary Section 6
Miller, Dale Calgary Section 6
Koch, Edward Calgary Section 6
Roggensack, William Calgary Section 6
Ahmed, Amir Riaz Calgary Section 6
Ogunberu, Adetola Calgary Section 6
Valencia, Luis Calgary Section 6
Zral, Vincent Calgary Section 5
Zeidler, Wolfgang Edmonton Section 5
Symonds, Robert Calgary Section 5
Moore, Robert Calgary Section 5
Chang, Adrian Calgary Section 5
Leslie, Richard Calgary Section 5
Stromquist, Marty Calgary Section 5
Banahene, Albert Calgary Section 5
Schaepsmeyer, Harry Calgary Section 5
Clements, Adela Calgary Section 5
Oladosu, Michael Calgary Section 5
Onyekonwu, Emeka Calgary Section 5


See full list of recruiters in the Canada Region.

Last, First Name SPE Section Total Credits
Carrere, Rudolph Evangeline Section 135
Ghalambor, Ali Evangeline Section 76
Hay, John Delta Section 42
Hina, Derek East Kentucky Section 41
Freeman, Robert Delta Section 38
Hennigan, Stephen Evangeline Section 26
Moring, Jane Mississippi Section 26
Morris, Ronald Appalachian Section 23
Cramer, John Ohio Petroleum Section 23
Donohue, David New York and New England Petroleum Section 22
Cox, J. Mississippi Section 20
Usie, Marty Evangeline Section 15
Lestelle, Karen Evangeline Section 15
Ellington, David National Capital Section 14
Lowrie, William No Established Section-Eastern North America Region 14
Hitt, Kim Evangeline Section 14
Moody, Mark Ohio Petroleum Section 14
Rieke, Herman Evangeline Section 13
Collarini, Cheryl Delta Section 13
Koperna, George National Capital Section 13
Duhon, Clarence Evangeline Section 12
Dudenas, Paul Pittsburgh Section 11
Stechmann, Richard Mississippi Section 11
Magee, Kenneth Mississippi Section 11
Sumrow, Michael Delta Section 11
Godec, Michael National Capital Section 11
Miller, C. Mississippi Section 10
Watson, Robert Pittsburgh Section 10
Etkind, Joshua Delta Section 10
Brown, Harry Evangeline Section 9
Yelverton, James Mississippi Section 9
Kuchuk, Fikri New York and New England Petroleum Section 9
Smith, Gary Delta Section 9
Greenly, Neil Pittsburgh Section 9
Malachosky, Edward Pittsburgh Section 9
Frantz, Joseph Pittsburgh Section 9
Brannon, Alan Northern West Virginia Section 9
Mohan, Hitesh National Capital Section 9
Bateman, Richard Appalachian Section 8
Biggs, Donald Evangeline Section 8
Shurlds, Henry Delta Section 8
Kozera, Gregory Appalachian Section 8
Lopus, Thomas Pittsburgh Section 8
Bangert, Dan Evangeline Section 8
Bilgesu, H. Ilkin Northern West Virginia Section 8
Fry, Leonard Ohio Petroleum Section 8
Brummett, William Pittsburgh Section 7
Chase, Robert Appalachian Section 7
Cleveland, Joy Evangeline Section 7
Breaux, Sidney Evangeline Section 7
Gottschling, John Pittsburgh Section 7
Brock, Timothy Northern Michigan Section 7
Guoynes, John Pittsburgh Section 7
Ayers, Kimberly Pittsburgh Section 7
Artigue, Wade Evangeline Section 6
Cole, George Evangeline Section 6
Davis, Edwin Evangeline Section 6
Horstman, Peter Pittsburgh Section 6
O'Brien, Robert National Capital Section 6
Schrider, Leo Ohio Petroleum Section 6
Stosur, George National Capital Section 6
Hunter, John Northern Michigan Section 6
Wyrick, Roy Mississippi Section 6
Callicotte, Harry East Kentucky Section 6
Sparks, D. No Established Section-Eastern North America Region 6
Fowler, Richard Delta Section 6
Rubin, William Appalachian Section 6
Walker, Kirby Pittsburgh Section 6
Stutes, Gregory Evangeline Section 6
Andrews, Ray No Established Section-Eastern North America Region 5
Atteberry, Roger Mississippi Section 5
Bourgoyne, Adam Delta Section 5
Fox, Walter Ohio Petroleum Section 5
Kirksey, Jim Appalachian Section 5
Nicholson, Robert Delta Section 5
Ross, Gary Evangeline Section 5
Rice, Randall Evangeline Section 5
Barnette, James Evangeline Section 5
Fulcher, Richard Appalachian Section 5
Rodvelt, Gary Pittsburgh Section 5
Koratich, George Pittsburgh Section 5
Gould, Gary Pittsburgh Section 5
Colmenares, Luis Delta Section 5
Durey, Daniel Delta Section 5
Duhon, Howard Delta Section 5


See full list of recruiters in the Eastern North America Region.

Last, First Name SPE Section Total Credits
Draper, Karen Gulf Coast Section 354
Zurcher, Derick Gulf Coast Section 225
Casas, David Southwest Texas Section 214
Bayless, Jack Gulf Coast Section 141
Pace, Bob Gulf Coast Section 118
Meehan, D Nathan Gulf Coast Section 115
Pike, William Gulf Coast Section 112
Montgomery, Carroll Gulf Coast Section 111
Schwin, Steven Gulf Coast Section 111
Johnson, Robert Gulf Coast Section 109
Jacobs, Charles Gulf Coast Section 105
Mefford, Robert Gulf Coast Section 102
Cronquist, Chapman Gulf Coast Section 100
Morris, Perry Gulf Coast Section 92
Sonrexa, Kartikay Gulf Coast Section 68
Hubbell, Robert Gulf Coast Section 59
Saucedo, Robert Gulf Coast Section 52
Paiuk, Benjamin Gulf Coast Section 48
Kohli, Abhinandan Gulf Coast Section 47
Cheatham, John Southwest Texas Section 46
Knight, Roger Gulf Coast Section 44
Chesser, Billy Gulf Coast Section 43
Walrond, Kermitt Gulf Coast Section 42
Rowe, Richard Gulf Coast Section 41
Howard, Darrell Gulf Coast Section 39
Millheim, Keith Gulf Coast Section 35
Rizk, George Gulf Coast Section 35
Howes, C. Susan Gulf Coast Section 35
Manzano-Ruiz, Juan Gulf Coast Section 35
Burtner, James Gulf Coast Section 33
Laprea Bigott, Marcelo Gulf Coast Section 33
Rowe, Andrea Gulf Coast Section 33
Delano, Olufisoye Gulf Coast Section 32
Kessler, Calvin Gulf Coast Section 31
Norman, William Gulf Coast Section 31
Slayden, Fred Gulf Coast Section 31
Prasad, R. Gulf Coast Section 30
Kabir, C. Shah Gulf Coast Section 29
Benson, Andrew Gulf Coast Section 28
Vacca, Herman Gulf Coast Section 27
Moran, John Gulf Coast Section 27
Wagner, Frederick Gulf Coast Section 27
Burnett, Ted Gulf Coast Section 26
Miranda, Luis Gulf Coast Section 26
Smith, Sidney Gulf Coast Section 25
Smith, Sidney Gulf Coast Section 25
McComb, Thais Gulf Coast Section 25
Smith, H Irvin Gulf Coast Section 24
Finley, Douglas Gulf Coast Section 24
Schilhab, Lawrence Gulf Coast Section 23
Olson, Karen Gulf Coast Section 23
Sawiris, Ramzy Gulf Coast Section 23
Baldwin, Clyde Gulf Coast Section 22
Garner, Ted Gulf Coast Section 22
Gregg, Dennis Gulf Coast Section 22
Ekstrand, Barry Gulf Coast Section 22
Walker, Tom Gulf Coast Section 22
Greenip, John Gulf Coast Section 21
Keene, Morris Gulf Coast Section 21
Wilke, James Gulf Coast Section 21
Anoma, Ernest Gulf Coast Section 20
Perdue, Jeanne Gulf Coast Section 20
Heironimus, Mark Gulf Coast Section 20
Bieniawski, Paul Gulf Coast Section 20
Omidele, Olusegun Gulf Coast Section 19
Bosch, Ronald Gulf Coast Section 19
Wantuck, William Gulf Coast Section 18
Huston, John Gulf Coast Section 18
Stilley, Randall Gulf Coast Section 18
Pastusek, Paul Gulf Coast Section 18
Noonan, Shauna Gulf Coast Section 18
Turner, Richard Gulf Coast Section 17
Baumgartner, Stephen Gulf Coast Section 17
Kemp, Bill Gulf Coast Section 17
Munoz, Efren Gulf Coast Section 17
Haq, Shahid Gulf Coast Section 17
Nash, Edward Gulf Coast Section 16
Nation, William Gulf Coast Section 16
Roxburgh, Charles Gulf Coast Section 16
Zamora, Mario Gulf Coast Section 16
Rowe, Hunter Gulf Coast Section 16
York, Patrick Gulf Coast Section 16
Shaffer, Trey Gulf Coast Section 16
Acock, Randolph Southwest Texas Section 15
Haines, Frank Gulf Coast Section 15
Lanman, Donald Gulf Coast Section 15
Ott, William Gulf Coast Section 15
Woodroof, Robert Gulf Coast Section 15
Williams, Eldon Gulf Coast Section 15
Savoy, Joseph Gulf Coast Section 15
Powell, William Gulf Coast Section 15
Benge, Glen Gulf Coast Section 15
Khan, Abdul Gulf Coast Section 15
Perez-Tellez, Carlos Mexico Section 15
Meza Perez, Edgar Mexico Section 15
Brittan, Charles Gulf Coast Section 14
Hanson, Harry Gulf Coast Section 14
Holder, Cecil Gulf Coast Section 14
Willingham, John Gulf Coast Section 14
Cotton, Michael Gulf Coast Section 14
Chamblee, Christopher Gulf Coast Section 14
Coronado, Martin Gulf Coast Section 14
Nutter, James Gulf Coast Section 14
Curtis, James Gulf Coast Section 14
Islas Silva, Carlos Mexico Section 13
Kleinhans, John Gulf Coast Section 13
McLeod, Harry Gulf Coast Section 13
Prats, Michael Gulf Coast Section 13
Stone, William Gulf Coast Section 13
Baldwin, James Gulf Coast Section 13
Iyoho, Aniekan Gulf Coast Section 13
Smith, Clint Gulf Coast Section 13
Ajufo, Augustine Gulf Coast Section 13
McCants, Steven Gulf Coast Section 13
Howard, John Gulf Coast Section 13
Myers, G Gulf Coast Section 13
Guerini, Agostino Gulf Coast Section 13
Edwards, Mark Gulf Coast Section 13
Brinsden, Mark Gulf Coast Section 13
Scott, Dan Gulf Coast Section 13
Carter, Marvin Gulf Coast Section 12
Boyce, Christopher Gulf Coast Section 12
Hayes, Donald Gulf Coast Section 12
Stiggins, Victor Gulf Coast Section 12
Griffith, David Gulf Coast Section 12
Lannom, Robert Gulf Coast Section 12
Medley, George Gulf Coast Section 12
Arnold, Kenneth Gulf Coast Section 12
Holt, Calvin Gulf Coast Section 12
Ballin, Gloria Gulf Coast Section 12
Silva, Pedro Mexico Section 12
Brown, Alasdair Gulf Coast Section 12
Mccartney, Simon Gulf Coast Section 12
Pascolini, Osvaldo Gulf Coast Section 12
Blanco, Victor Gulf Coast Section 11
Pohler, Roland Gulf Coast Section 11
Rehm, William Gulf Coast Section 11
Tharp, Jack Gulf Coast Section 11
Todd, William Gulf Coast Section 11
Weller, Mark Gulf Coast Section 11
Heitzman, Stephen Gulf Coast Section 11
Venditto, James Gulf Coast Section 11
Hardin, James Gulf Coast Section 11
Monroe, Bruce Gulf Coast Section 11
Pittard, Frederick Gulf Coast Section 11
Mendez, Luis Gulf Coast Section 11
Odum, David Gulf Coast Section 11
Lehr, Douglas Gulf Coast Section 11
Warnken, Dean Gulf Coast Section 11
Lambert, Donna Gulf Coast Section 11
Aitken, Alan Gulf Coast Section 11
Yuan, Mingdong Gulf Coast Section 11
Saputelli, Luigi Gulf Coast Section 11
Bashbush, Jose Mexico Section 10
Meek, James Gulf Coast Section 10
Schlater, Donald Gulf Coast Section 10
Sas-Jaworsky, Alexander Gulf Coast Section 10
Ramsey, Lee Gulf Coast Section 10
Judah, Janeen Gulf Coast Section 10
Tompkins, Mark Gulf Coast Section 10
Johnson, Sylvester Gulf Coast Section 10
Patin, Michael Gulf Coast Section 10
London, Stephen Gulf Coast Section 10
Schwanitz, Brian Gulf Coast Section 10
Blasingame, Thomas Gulf Coast Section 10
Gold, David Gulf Coast Section 10
Hill, Peter Gulf Coast Section 10
Ndudi, Hilary Gulf Coast Section 10
Rawlins, Sheldon Gulf Coast Section 10
Rapp, William Gulf Coast Section 9
Minyard, Herbert Gulf Coast Section 9
Samaniego-Verduzco, Fernando Mexico Section 9
Scott, James Gulf Coast Section 9
Mckinzie, Howard Gulf Coast Section 9
Williams, Dennis Gulf Coast Section 9
Lochmann, Mark Gulf Coast Section 9
Rayes, Clinton Gulf Coast Section 9
Thornton, Win Gulf Coast Section 9
Webb, Stephen Gulf Coast Section 9
Pacheco, Jaime Eduardo Mexico Section 9
Woods, Randall Gulf Coast Section 9
Cunha, Jose Gulf Coast Section 9
Pirela, Leonel Gulf Coast Section 9
Sookdeo, Nigel Gulf Coast Section 9
Flichy, Philippe Gulf Coast Section 9
De La Vega, Beatriz Gulf Coast Section 9
Daneshy, Ali Gulf Coast Section 8
Dewlen, Robert Gulf Coast Section 8
Finol, Alberto Gulf Coast Section 8
Wilson, Gerald Gulf Coast Section 8
Hood, David Gulf Coast Section 8
Kadaster, Ali Gulf Coast Section 8
Reece, Cynthia Gulf Coast Section 8
Ghassemi, Farhad Gulf Coast Section 8
Abou-Sayed, Ahmed Gulf Coast Section 8
Johnson, Mark Gulf Coast Section 8
Collins, James Gulf Coast Section 8
Field, James Gulf Coast Section 8
Johnson, Bruce Gulf Coast Section 8
Lesso, William Gulf Coast Section 8
Hollabaugh, Gregg Gulf Coast Section 8
Bergamo, Ernest Gulf Coast Section 8
Marchani, Carlos Gulf Coast Section 8
Honefenger, James Gulf Coast Section 8
Martin, John Gulf Coast Section 8
Sims, Larry Gulf Coast Section 8
Conner, Stephen Gulf Coast Section 8
Serio, Joseph Gulf Coast Section 8
Maidla, Eric Gulf Coast Section 8
Thornton, Bodley Gulf Coast Section 8
Das, Subhas Gulf Coast Section 8
Milne, William Gulf Coast Section 8
Florence, Fred Gulf Coast Section 8
Franklin, Bernard Gulf Coast Section 8
Jebutu, Segun Gulf Coast Section 8
Pinzon, Juan Gulf Coast Section 8
Barry, James Gulf Coast Section 8
Amaba, Ben Gulf Coast Section 8
Trice, Marvin Gulf Coast Section 7
Burnett, David Gulf Coast Section 7
Salge, Randall Gulf Coast Section 7
Gladney, Thomas Gulf Coast Section 7
Herbert, Roger Gulf Coast Section 7
Ledlow, Lewis Gulf Coast Section 7
Fair, Andrew Gulf Coast Section 7
Wilde, Andrew Gulf Coast Section 7
Carmody, Paul Gulf Coast Section 7
Konecki, Mark Gulf Coast Section 7
Watts, David Gulf Coast Section 7
Wildt, Patrick Gulf Coast Section 7
Almond, Stephen Gulf Coast Section 7
Diggons, William Gulf Coast Section 7
Tariq, Syed Gulf Coast Section 7
Wylie, Robert Gulf Coast Section 7
Barton, Sam Gulf Coast Section 7
Cammarata, Ted Gulf Coast Section 7
Elliott, Douglas Gulf Coast Section 7
Smith, Michael Gulf Coast Section 7
Cheney, Elizabeth Gulf Coast Section 7
Landa, Jorge Gulf Coast Section 7
Vasquez-cruz, Mario Mexico Section 7
Bankston, Bette Gulf Coast Section 7
Kool, Henk Gulf Coast Section 7
Gupta, Anuj Gulf Coast Section 7
Sorocak, Michael Gulf Coast Section 7
Hill, Matthew Gulf Coast Section 7
Bell, Steven Gulf Coast Section 7
Osaigbovo, Benjamin Gulf Coast Section 7
Payne, Eddie Gulf Coast Section 7
Caraway, Douglas Gulf Coast Section 7
Goel, Naval Gulf Coast Section 7
Archer, Robert Gulf Coast Section 7
Flores-avila, Fernando Mexico Section 7
Sooklal, Anderson Gulf Coast Section 7
Nunoo, Nii Ahele Gulf Coast Section 7
Ahuja, Avinash Southwest Texas Section 6
Babyak, William Gulf Coast Section 6
Barnett, Kerney Gulf Coast Section 6
Boggus, Robert Gulf Coast Section 6
Christman, Stanley Gulf Coast Section 6
Karish, John Gulf Coast Section 6
Little, Jack Gulf Coast Section 6
Singer, Robert Gulf Coast Section 6
Smith, Norman Gulf Coast Section 6
Taylor, Donald Gulf Coast Section 6
Killough, John Gulf Coast Section 6
Amy, James Gulf Coast Section 6
Koehler, Buford Gulf Coast Section 6
Lehman, Lyle Gulf Coast Section 6
Cobb, David Gulf Coast Section 6
Tweedy, Michael Gulf Coast Section 6
Barretto, Leandro Gulf Coast Section 6
Brooker, Mark Gulf Coast Section 6
Lach, Joseph Gulf Coast Section 6
Pino, Henry Gulf Coast Section 6
Sierra, Jose Mexico Section 6
Saeedi, Jawaid Gulf Coast Section 6
Stewart, Lisa Gulf Coast Section 6
Wahlheim, Thomas Gulf Coast Section 6
Behm, Edward Gulf Coast Section 6
LaGrone, Kevin Gulf Coast Section 6
Siems, Gary Gulf Coast Section 6
Grimes, Robert Gulf Coast Section 6
Rijkens, Frederik Gulf Coast Section 6
Flowers, James Gulf Coast Section 6
Cramm, Holli Gulf Coast Section 6
Fraser, Lindsay Gulf Coast Section 6
Pferdehirt, Douglas Gulf Coast Section 6
Estremadoyro, Julio Gulf Coast Section 6
Tubel, Paulo Gulf Coast Section 6
Vikas, Shree Gulf Coast Section 6
Cameron, John Gulf Coast Section 6
Zajia, Jorge Gulf Coast Section 6
Mason, Daniel Gulf Coast Section 6
Seale, Rocky Gulf Coast Section 6
Smith, Kevin Gulf Coast Section 6
Cadenhead, John Gulf Coast Section 6
Cooper, Iain Gulf Coast Section 6
Bowen, Jay Gulf Coast Section 6
Paredes, Jorge Mexico Section 6
Gonzalez Garcia, Alfonso Mexico Section 6
Boyles, William Gulf Coast Section 5
Cannon, Nolan Gulf Coast Section 5
Cinco Ley, Heber Mexico Section 5
Crum, John Gulf Coast Section 5
Davis, James Gulf Coast Section 5
Geddie, Ivan Gulf Coast Section 5
Warner, Glenn Gulf Coast Section 5
Haas, Michael Southwest Texas Section 5
Hirasaki, George Gulf Coast Section 5
Shafer, Randall Gulf Coast Section 5
Lee, John Gulf Coast Section 5
Seim, Milton Gulf Coast Section 5
Strickland, Dwight Gulf Coast Section 5
Vernotzy, Richard Gulf Coast Section 5
Daniel P E, William Gulf Coast Section 5
LaRue, John Gulf Coast Section 5
Banthia, Bijay Gulf Coast Section 5
Lovie, Peter Gulf Coast Section 5
Nabi, Suhail Gulf Coast Section 5
Gochnour, John Gulf Coast Section 5
Darling, Brian Gulf Coast Section 5
Hinn, Ronald Gulf Coast Section 5
Hendricks, William Gulf Coast Section 5
Horton, Roger Gulf Coast Section 5
Irwin, John Gulf Coast Section 5
Puls, Layne Gulf Coast Section 5
Humphreys, Neil Gulf Coast Section 5
Baker, Kate Gulf Coast Section 5
Luppens, John Gulf Coast Section 5
Freedman, Robert Gulf Coast Section 5
Gerke, John Gulf Coast Section 5
Simon, John Gulf Coast Section 5
Butler, Van Gulf Coast Section 5
Moore, Dennis Gulf Coast Section 5
Haut, Richard Gulf Coast Section 5
Taghizadeh, M. Gulf Coast Section 5
Arbizu, Alan Gulf Coast Section 5
Summers, Marcus Gulf Coast Section 5
Haldorsen, Helge Gulf Coast Section 5
Soybel, Josh Gulf Coast Section 5
Neal, Robert Gulf Coast Section 5
Leeth, Richard Gulf Coast Section 5
Hurd, Michael Gulf Coast Section 5
Anderson, Edgar Gulf Coast Section 5
Watters, Larry Gulf Coast Section 5
Dria, Myra Gulf Coast Section 5
Matson, John Gulf Coast Section 5
Wilton, Bonsall Gulf Coast Section 5
Wray, Lucian Gulf Coast Section 5
Ayoub, Joseph Gulf Coast Section 5
Niemtschik, Gustavy Gulf Coast Section 5
Durham, Daniel Gulf Coast Section 5
Honarpour, Mehdi Matt Gulf Coast Section 5
Straub, Thomas Gulf Coast Section 5
Cassel, Stephen Gulf Coast Section 5
Abou-sayed, Ibrahim Gulf Coast Section 5
Camacho Velazquez, Rodolfo Mexico Section 5
Renkes, Jason Gulf Coast Section 5
Mullican, Stephen Gulf Coast Section 5
Peavy, Mark Gulf Coast Section 5
Fowler, Joe Gulf Coast Section 5
Broiles, Gary Gulf Coast Section 5
Hamman, Jeffry Gulf Coast Section 5
Daniel, David Gulf Coast Section 5
Howes, Thomas Gulf Coast Section 5
Greene, Vance Gulf Coast Section 5
Smith, Lesley Gulf Coast Section 5
Von Gonten, William Gulf Coast Section 5
Choi, Michael Gulf Coast Section 5
Buffington, Jesse Gulf Coast Section 5
Illerhaus, Roland Gulf Coast Section 5
Davis, William Gulf Coast Section 5
Allenson, Stephan Gulf Coast Section 5
Rappold, Keith Gulf Coast Section 5
Van Sickle, Ed Gulf Coast Section 5
Bruner, Scott Gulf Coast Section 5
Cannon, Rick Gulf Coast Section 5
Newman, Kenneth Gulf Coast Section 5
Herran, Guillermo Gulf Coast Section 5
Ray, Peng Gulf Coast Section 5
Mack, Mark Gulf Coast Section 5
Hill, Thomas Gulf Coast Section 5
Hansen, Henning Gulf Coast Section 5
Harrall, Simon Gulf Coast Section 5
Tjon-joe-pin, Robert Gulf Coast Section 5
Mackenzie, Gordon Gulf Coast Section 5
Butler, James Gulf Coast Section 5
Uren, Steve Gulf Coast Section 5
Murillo, Jose Gulf Coast Section 5
Menke, Janice Gulf Coast Section 5
Strathman, Michael Gulf Coast Section 5
Mathias, Steven Gulf Coast Section 5
Salazar, Luis Gulf Coast Section 5
Webb, Brendon Gulf Coast Section 5
Offenbacher, Matthew Gulf Coast Section 5
Sevilla-buitron, Julio Gulf Coast Section 5
Sotelo Calderon, Alan Mexico Section 5
Scodova, Brett Gulf Coast Section 5
Tomson, Ross Gulf Coast Section 5


See full list of recruiters in the Gulf Coast North America Region.

Last, First Name SPE Section Total Credits
Soria-Galvarro, J. Bolivian Section 131
Khan, Jamaludin Trinidad and Tobago Section 131
Lara, Anelise Brazil Section 130
Plavnik, Benjamin Brazil Section 104
Briceno, Wilfredo Western Venezuela Petroleum Section 102
Jimenez, Jean Western Venezuela Petroleum Section 101
Salazar,Josefina Caracas Petroleum Section 101
Chacin, Orlando Caracas Petroleum Section 100
Del Pino, Eulogio Caracas Petroleum Section 100
Caldera, Antonio Western Venezuela Petroleum Section 100
Marquez, Carlos G Western Venezuela Petroleum Section 100
Duran Badovinac, Ernesto Colombia Section 97
Rincon, Adafel Caracas Petroleum Section 74
Rosbaco, Juan Argentine Petroleum Section 73
Ferrer, Jose Colombia Section 56
Jaggernauth, Deonarine Trinidad and Tobago Section 41
Rodriguez Rojas, Oscar Bolivian Section 38
Flores, Jose Lima Section 37
Yesquen, Seferino Lima Section 32
Fryziak, Miguel Argentine Petroleum Section 29
Bejarano Wallens, Aristobulo Northeast Colombia Section 28
Jardim, Jose Eduardo Brazil Section 28
Cortez Cabrera, Daniel Bolivian Section 28
Antunez, Simon Caracas Petroleum Section 27
Ali, Anisa Trinidad and Tobago Section 26
Machado, Fernando Brazil Section 26
Salies, Jacques Brazil Section 25
Chunga Palacios, Jose Lima Section 22
Pedroso, Carlos Brazil Section 21
Ransome, Godfrey Trinidad and Tobago Section 19
Lutz, Thomas Colombia Section 18
Dukharan, Premraj Trinidad and Tobago Section 18
Shiratori, Julio Argentine Petroleum Section 18
Benalcazar, Fernando Ecuador Section 17
Pouti Mavoungou, Carrel Trinidad and Tobago Section 17
Caligari, Ruben Argentine Petroleum Section 16
Nunes, Mauro Brazil Section 16
Vasquez Lopez, Ricardo Bolivian Section 15
Patino, Cesar Northeast Colombia Section 15
Galacho, Nestor Argentine Petroleum Section 14
Hosein, Aleem Trinidad and Tobago Section 13
Laffitte, Miguel Argentine Petroleum Section 13
Bayly, Tiffany Lima Section 13
Coca, Benjamin Argentine Petroleum Section 12
Huerta Quinones, Victor Lima Section 12
Luna, Hugo Monagas Venezuela Section 12
Egusquiza, Ronald Lima Section 12
Galvis, William Colombia Section 12
Galacho, Mirta Argentine Petroleum Section 11
Pereira, Vincent Trinidad and Tobago Section 11
Diaz, Daniel Colombia Section 11
Paz, Francisco Ecuador Section 11
Baldassa, Dario Argentine Petroleum Section 11
Lavia, Miguel Argentine Petroleum Section 10
Jupiter, Andrew Trinidad and Tobago Section 10
Ferraris, Carlos Bolivian Section 10
Blanco, Eduardo Bolivian Section 9
Wambersie, Olivier Brazil Section 9
Formigli, Jose Brazil Section 9
Hirschfeldt, Clemente Golfo San Jorge Section 9
Garcia-james, Celia Trinidad and Tobago Section 9
Correa, Ramon Ecuador Section 9
Filardo, Juarez Macae Section 9
Pastor, Paola Colombia Section 9
Alleyne, Neal Trinidad and Tobago Section 8
Mathes, Robert Caracas Petroleum Section 8
Hoyos, Manual Colombia Section 8
Montes Adrianzen, Cesar Lima Section 8
Ramdath, Gail Trinidad and Tobago Section 8
Rojas, Gonzalo Eastern Venezuela Section 7
Seeram, Basdeo Trinidad and Tobago Section 7
Simon, Leslie Trinidad and Tobago Section 7
Layne, Lugard Trinidad and Tobago Section 7
Mohammed, Dave Trinidad and Tobago Section 7
Pieters, Dennis Georgetown Section 7
Ali-Nandalal, Jo-Ann Trinidad and Tobago Section 7
Santos, Otto Bahia-Sergipe Section 7
Zegarra, Jose Lima Section 7
Anaya, Luis Colombia Section 7
Capeleiro Pinto, Antonio Brazil Section 7
Quispe Figueroa, David Lima Section 7
Alva, Mario Lima Section 7
Fucello, Luciano Argentine Petroleum Section 7
Aguirre, Claudio Eastern Venezuela Section 7
Vasquez, Hugo Ecuador Section 7
Rosato, Nestor Argentine Petroleum Section 7
Rodriguez, Elizabeth Lima Section 7
Pacheco, Edgar Bolivian Section 6
Secco, Oscar Argentine Petroleum Section 6
Marques, Jose Brazil Section 6
Ollier, Carlos Argentine Petroleum Section 6
Lopez Fortun, Jorge Bolivian Section 6
Kuracz, Gerardo Patagonia Section 6
Castro, Guilherme Macae Section 6
Perez Cometto, Gonzalo Patagonia Section 6
Quinteros Cabrera, Alvaro Bolivian Section 6
Delgado, Janinne Lima Section 6
MANCHOLA, JHON Southern Colombia Section 6
Maharaj, Shastri Trinidad and Tobago Section 5
Morooka, Celso Brazil Section 5
Velasquez, Fernando Ecuador Section 5
Fondevila Sancet, Gaston Argentine Petroleum Section 5
Guerrero, Angel Eastern Venezuela Section 5
Ramcharitar, Kamlesh Trinidad and Tobago Section 5
Rueda Terrazas, Rodrigo Brazil Section 5
Cotrino, Carlos Southern Colombia Section 5
Ruiz, Yaroslav Bolivian Section 5


See full list of recruiters in the Latin America and Caribbean Region.

Last, First Name SPE Section Total Credits
Bell, Herbert Dallas Section 2857
Al-Ramis, Hussain Oklahoma City Section 143
Pace, Floyd East Texas Section 116
Bowen, Jerry Oklahoma City Section 71
Odell, P Fort Worth Section 66
Owens, Phillip Oklahoma City Section 46
Davidson, E. Mid-Continent Section 44
Fast, Walter Mid-Continent Section 44
Montgomery, Carl No Established Section-Mid-Continent Region 42
Hardy, William Dallas Section 39
Dozier, William Dallas Section 36
Bell, James Dallas Section 34
Mabry, Sam Mid-Continent Section 33
Shah, Subhash Oklahoma City Section 32
Burks, Donald Dallas Section 31
Moyes, Christopher Dallas Section 31
Morse, Larry East Texas Section 29
Mcclung, William Oklahoma City Section 28
Watts, Hubert Lou-Ark Section 27
Withrow, K Dallas Section 25
Ainley, Brian Mid-Continent Section 25
Jones, Jeffrey Dallas Section 24
Freeman, Earl Fort Worth Section 24
Johnson, John Dallas Section 23
Folmnsbee, Gary Oklahoma City Section 22
Froning, H Mid-Continent Section 22
Lasseigne, Raymond Lou-Ark Section 22
Rizer, James Lou-Ark Section 22
Rahmes, Donald Oklahoma City Section 22
Rawdon, Jackie Oklahoma City Section 22
Wines, G. Oklahoma City Section 21
Abernathy, William Mid-Continent Section 20
Perkins, Thomas Dallas Section 19
Reed, Gordon East Texas Section 19
Dorsey, Danny East Texas Section 19
Pabley, Avtar Fort Worth Section 19
Zornes, David Oklahoma City Section 18
McCluskey, Robert Mid-Continent Section 17
Patterson, Maurice East Texas Section 17
Oliver, Fred Dallas Section 16
Pappas, James East Texas Section 16
Larson, Thomas Wichita Petroleum Section 16
Conner, Tyler Oklahoma City Section 16
Franklin, James Oklahoma City Section 15
McUsic, James Mid-Continent Section 15
Bates, Thomas Fort Worth Section 15
Thomas, Sally No Established Section-Mid-Continent Region 15
Webb, Steven East Texas Section 15
Givens, William Oklahoma City Section 14
Reed, Gary Wichita Petroleum Section 14
Gleeson, Charles Dallas Section 13
Herr, Robert Illinois Basin Section 13
Slaughter, George Fort Worth Section 13
York, James Fort Worth Section 13
Saveth, Kenneth Mid-Continent Section 13
Boucher, Jeff Mid-Continent Section 12
Brill, James Mid-Continent Section 12
Sifferman, Thomas Dallas Section 12
Thomson, Clifford Dallas Section 12
Anderson, Robert Dallas Section 12
George, S. Illinois Basin Section 12
Tiab, Djebbar Oklahoma City Section 12
Wehner, Scott Wichita Petroleum Section 12
Herzog, J.P. Fort Worth Section 12
Kysar, Kevin Fort Worth Section 12
Branstetter, Dale Dallas Section 11
Cobb, William Dallas Section 11
Al-saadoon, Faleh Dallas Section 11
Grieser, William Oklahoma City Section 11
Matthews, Steven Dallas Section 11
Chang, Harry Dallas Section 10
Fredrickson, Sherman Southwest Oklahoma Section 10
Gill, Edward Illinois Basin Section 10
Gray, Robert Lou-Ark Section 10
Russell, Gerald Mid-Continent Section 10
Mihm, John Dallas Section 10
Wallace, John Dallas Section 10
Clark, Ronald Dallas Section 9
Cooksey, Robert Dallas Section 9
Heckler, George Mid-Continent Section 9
Ford, William Oklahoma City Section 9
Koudele, Randall Wichita Petroleum Section 9
Moore, Lester Illinois Basin Section 9
Penberthy, W. East Texas Section 9
Veatch, Ralph Mid-Continent Section 9
Unger, Robert Dallas Section 9
Yonker, John Dallas Section 9
Fielder, Eugene Oklahoma City Section 9
Joyce, Patric Oklahoma City Section 9
Gonzalez, Carol Dallas Section 9
Skees, James Oklahoma City Section 9
Plato, Steven Dallas Section 9
Hlidek, Barry Mid-Continent Section 9
Branton, Jerome East Texas Section 8
Brown, Larry Dallas Section 8
Collins, James Mid-Continent Section 8
Devlin, Roy East Texas Section 8
Hoglund, Forrest Dallas Section 8
Ritz, John Oklahoma City Section 8
Smith, Warner Lou-Ark Section 8
Swift, Samuel Mid-Continent Section 8
Romoser, Russell Mid-Continent Section 8
Rhodes, Richard East Texas Section 8
Cayias, John Dallas Section 8
Sheppard, Larry Mid-Continent Section 8
Heinze, James Oklahoma City Section 8
Robinson, Jerry Illinois Basin Section 8
Kilen, Mike Fort Worth Section 8
Henderson, Victor Fort Worth Section 7
Howard, Robert Midwest Gas Storage Section 7
Lawnick, Joseph Mid-Continent Section 7
Peipelman, Vernon Fort Worth Section 7
Spicer, Gary Oklahoma City Section 7
Chu, Wei-chun Dallas Section 7
Constien, Vernon Mid-Continent Section 7
Cotton, Spencer East Texas Section 7
Brookbank, Earl Mid-Continent Section 7
Rogers, Henry Southwest Oklahoma Section 7
Pangburn, Craig Wichita Petroleum Section 7
Correll, John Southwest Oklahoma Section 7
Ensz, Jeremiah Oklahoma City Section 7
Cepurniek, Andris Mid-Continent Section 6
Coulter, Gerald Dallas Section 6
Cupit, William Dallas Section 6
Duhon, Rex Oklahoma City Section 6
England, Leroy Mid-Continent Section 6
Erickson, Alexander Wichita Petroleum Section 6
Hahn, Walter Fort Worth Section 6
Johnson, Jarl Dallas Section 6
Keprta, Donald Dallas Section 6
Loy, Samuel Oklahoma City Section 6
McCutchan, Jerry Dallas Section 6
Needham, Riley No Established Section-Mid-Continent Region 6
Novy, Frank Wichita Petroleum Section 6
Sturdevant, W. Mid-Continent Section 6
Boudreaux, Rayln No Established Section-Mid-Continent Region 6
Felber, Betty Mid-Continent Section 6
Kohler, Steven Mid-Continent Section 6
Johnson, Benjamin Dallas Section 6
Gupta, Krishna Dallas Section 6
Clum, Eric Fort Worth Section 6
McKinney, Kermit Oklahoma City Section 6
Klancher, Diane Fort Worth Section 6
Johnstone, James Dallas Section 6
Bates, Terry East Texas Section 6
Davis, Robert Oklahoma City Section 6
Shahsavari, Darius Dallas Section 6
Stratton, Jay Oklahoma City Section 6
Patterson, Gary Dallas Section 6
Fugate, Michael Midwest Gas Storage Section 6
Taylor, Lance Dallas Section 6
Barkman, Donald East Texas Section 5
Brewer, Carroll Oklahoma City Section 5
Clark, Charles No Established Section-Mid-Continent Region 5
Crisman, James Midwest Gas Storage Section 5
Israel, Phillip Lou-Ark Section 5
Jewell, Robert Dallas Section 5
Knapp, Roy Oklahoma City Section 5
Wanenmacher, Joe Mid-Continent Section 5
Brumley, John Lou-Ark Section 5
Duane, Nicholas Dallas Section 5
Longhorn, Dennis Lou-Ark Section 5
Olsen, David Mid-Continent Section 5
Larobadiere, Robert Dallas Section 5
Brush, Randal Dallas Section 5
Bues, Allen Midwest Gas Storage Section 5
Bayh, Russell Dallas Section 5
Miska, Stefan Oklahoma City Section 5
Brevetti, Joseph Oklahoma City Section 5
Deters, Joseph Midwest Gas Storage Section 5
Vineyard, Tommy Dallas Section 5
Reynolds, Fred Fort Worth Section 5
Sarica, Cem Mid-Continent Section 5
Schein, Gary Dallas Section 5
Sargent, Gary Dallas Section 5
Walker, Ray Fort Worth Section 5
Carpenter, David No Established Section-Mid-Continent Region 5
Tompkins, Charles Fort Worth Section 5
Haustveit, Kyle Oklahoma City Section 5


See full list of recruiters in the Mid-Continent North America Region.

Last, First Name SPE Section Total Credits
Al-Marshad, Abdulaziz Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Section 526
Al-yateem, Karam Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Section 304
Zainalabedin, Khalid Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Section 242
Al-Mudhafer, Wathiq Basra Section 228
Al-Khamis, Mohammed Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Section 227
Al-hasan, Ali Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Section 213
Al-zadjali, Marwan Oman Section 204
Mirza, Omar Abu Dhabi Section 195
Al-Amri, Meshal Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Section 194
Mahfouz, Mamdouh Egyptian Section 189
Al-Omair, Abdullateef Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Section 189
Al-Ajaji, Abdulaziz Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Section 178
Al-Busaidi, Badar Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Section 178
Busaleh, Yasser Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Section 176
Al Majdi,Sulaiman Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Section 170
Al-mahroos, Sara Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Section 165
Hussein, Hanafy Egyptian Section 163
Haidary, Saleh Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Section 163
Al Mahrooqi, Smina Oman Section 153
Al-Tahini, Ashraf Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Section 148
Al-Muntasheri, Ghaithan Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Section 145
Al-Zahrani, Tareq Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Section 144
Al-qahtani, Mohammad Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Section 140
Zorbalas, Konstantin Abu Dhabi Section 138
Malki, Sultan Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Section 137
Al-ibrahim, Salih Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Section 133
Al-Khayyal, Deena Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Section 131
Mashabi, Loay Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Section 128
Al-Suwailem, Majed Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Section 126
Al-Madani, Amin Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Section 126
Attiah, Sultan Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Section 120
Algheithy, Ali Oman Section 117
Salamah, Feras Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Section 116
Alabduljabbar, Ahmad Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Section 116
AL-Momen, Osamah Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Section 116
Turki, Salaheddin Abu Dhabi Section 115
Mousa, Ali Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Section 115
Azzouni, Suliman Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Section 113
Al-Mutairi, Fahad Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Section 113
Choudhary, Manish Oman Section 112
AlGhamdi, Faisal Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Section 112
El Derini, Saiid Egyptian Section 108
Al-Ghamdi, Turki Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Section 107
Yazdanie, Amjad Pakistan Section 106
Al-Tawil, Aus Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Section 106
Edwards, Norman Oman Section 105
Alghanim, Rayan Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Section 104
Qahtani,Hussain Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Section 104
Alhaji,Abdullah Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Section 103
Al-Rumhy, Mohammed Oman Section 102
Al-nutaifi, Abdulrahman Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Section 102
Al-Tahan, Yousif Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Section 101
Mohiddin, Junaid Oman Section 101
AlMulhim, Abdullah Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Section 101
Kharraa, Hamad Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Section 99
Muqeem, Muhammad Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Section 66
Jasem, Sami Abu Dhabi Section 50
Shaheed, Luay Kirkuk Section 49
Al-Alawi, Ibrahim Abu Dhabi Section 47
Al-Hilali, Mazin Basra Section 47
Ahmad, Tofeeq Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Section 38
Al-Quaimi, Bandar Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Section 37
Al-afaleg, Nabeel Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Section 34
Gherryo, Yousef No Established Section-Middle East and North Africa Region 33
Kasim, Basim Baghdad Section 33
Hassan, Mohamed Ali Hassi Messaoud Section 32
El-Badaji, Ali No Established Section-Middle East and North Africa Region 31
Ortiz-Volcan, Jose Kuwait Section 30
Mahmoud, Ahmed Egyptian Section 28
Usman, Munawar Pakistan Section 26
Bustami, Sami Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Section 26
Karantharath, Radhakrishnan Northern Emirates Section 26
Gilmore, Todd Abu Dhabi Section 26
Al Abbasi, Amro Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Section 22
Wazeri, Samandar Kabul Section 22
Al-bahar, Mohammad Kuwait Section 21
Mahdy, Qays Basra Section 21
Kumar, Arun Oman Section 20
Al-Anzi, Nayef Kuwait Section 19
Khafagy, Abdel-Nasser Egyptian Section 19
Al-saihati, Ali Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Section 17
Mabeny, Mangar Juba Section 17
Ben-Naceur, Kamel Abu Dhabi Section 16
Sadhu, Oneil Egyptian Section 16
Sinha, Satyendra Kuwait Section 16
Bilal, Amjad Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Section 15
Kaleem, Mohammed Abu Dhabi Section 15
El-Shamy, Hafez Egyptian Section 15
Attwan Al Zirej, Zaher Kirkuk Section 15
Srivastava, Manish Abu Dhabi Section 14
Athach, Makuach James Makeny Juba Section 14
Alsayegh, Ali Northern Emirates Section 13
Somani, Meb Oman Section 12
Adesegha, Rotimi Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Section 12
Arab, Hussain Kuwait Section 12
El Gharib, Hussein Beirut Section 12
Al-Jarwan, Ali Abu Dhabi Section 11
Subhani, Nasir Qatar Section 11
Hawaj, Mohammed Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Section 11
Abdulkarim, Abdulaziz Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Section 10
Ahmadiani, Masoumeh No Established Section-Middle East and North Africa Region 10
Waheed, Musharraf Pakistan Section 10
Nkwocha, Chimerebere Northern Emirates Section 9
Balka, Sarfraz Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Section 9
Hameed, Abdullah Kirkuk Section 9
Senturk, Norman Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Section 8
Iddris, Abukari Abu Dhabi Section 8
Alkayoumi, Qasem Abu Dhabi Section 8
Tiwari, Harsh Kuwait Section 8
Wong, Lee Jean Abu Dhabi Section 8
Prameswono, Deddy Qatar Section 8
Al-Hasnawy, Ali Baghdad Section 8
Hameed Salman, Baraa Baghdad Section 8
Effrem Modi, Edwin Juba Section 8
Al-Attar, Hazim Abu Dhabi Section 7
Arshad, Waheed Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Section 7
Curtis, Jonathan Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Section 7
Ceyhan, Adil Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Section 7
Ahmed, Mohamed Egyptian Section 7
Adewuya, Opeyemi Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Section 7
Akram, Muhammad Pakistan Section 7
Campos, Nestor Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Section 7
Al-Saegh, Abdullah Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Section 7
Chaudhury, Partha Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Section 7
Elsebaee, Mohamed Egyptian Section 7
Tahir, Oumer Northern Emirates Section 7
Rashid, Omar Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Section 6
Warsi, Syed Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Section 6
Khan, Farooq Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Section 6
Salamy, Salam Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Section 6
Stelling, Don Kuwait Section 6
Smith, Kern Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Section 6
Haldar, Surajit Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Section 6
Nahiyoon, Shahnawaz Pakistan Section 6
Al-Mutairi, Saleh Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Section 6
Shaikh, Mohammed Kuwait Section 6
Aghar, Hani Beirut Section 5
Rahman, Mohammed Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Section 5
Tiss, Meftah Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Section 5
Retnanto, Albertus Qatar Section 5
Al-Fattah, Saud Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Section 5
Kuyken, Chris Abu Dhabi Section 5
Al Suwaidi, Ahmed Abu Dhabi Section 5
Azam, Qazi Syed Pakistan Section 5
Akhtar, Muhammad Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Section 5
Agarwal, Binayak Oman Section 5
Al Asfoor, Maan Oman Section 5
Nasser, Gamal Egyptian Section 5
Diaz, Suhail Northern Emirates Section 5


See full list of recruiters in the Middle East and North Africa Region.

Last, First Name SPE Section Total Credits
Gang, Zou Beijing China Section 590
Zhao, Fen Beijing China Section 404
Yugeng, Li Beijing China Section 289
Cheng, Jiecheng Daqing Section 185
Wang, Demin Daqing Section 159
Wu, Qi Beijing China Section 141
Ashesh, Shubhranshu Brunei Section 126
Abdullah, Raman Kuala Lumpur Section 121
Abdul Wahab, Akbar Tajudin Kuala Lumpur Section 118
Mansor, Dato' Mohamad Kuala Lumpur Section 110
Khanh, Do Van Vietnam Section 110
Thavisin, Phongsthorn Thailand Section 108
Malek, Ramlan Kuala Lumpur Section 105
Karim, Abdullah Kuala Lumpur Section 105
Liang, Xingju Southern China Section 104
Wee, Yiaw Hin Kuala Lumpur Section 103
Xue, Chengjin Southern China Section 101
Vongvanich, Tevin Thailand Section 100
Liu, Zhenwu Beijing China Section 100
Liu, He Beijing China Section 74
Zhang, Yonggang Southern China Section 65
Zhao, Xionghu Beijing China Section 60
Steel, Keith Singapore Section 42
Khong, Chee South China Sea Section 37
Apong, Haji Salleh Brunei Section 35
Ibrahim, Mohd Brunei Section 32
Gedge, Benjamin Vietnam Section 23
Nong Chik, Amran Kuala Lumpur Section 20
Farris, Steve Thailand Section 20
Nong, Vien Vietnam Section 19
Tewari, Raj Kuala Lumpur Section 19
Mohd Johan, Mohd Alham Kuala Lumpur Section 19
Cockcroft, Peter Singapore Section 17
Smith, Stuart Kuala Lumpur Section 16
Nas, Steve Kuala Lumpur Section 16
Khemayodhin, Yingyos Thailand Section 15
Parker, Andrew Brunei Section 15
Jacobs, Stephen Kuala Lumpur Section 14
Solomon, Gregory Thailand Section 14
Truong, Phuc Vietnam Section 14
Stuart, Colin Singapore Section 13
Bellavance, J F Robert Northern Asia Pacific
Burke, Arthur Singapore Section 11
Davis, Wade Thailand Section 10
Yamamoto, Kazuo Japan Section 10
Taha, Mohamed Kuala Lumpur Section 10
Tran, Dung Vietnam Section 10
Baxendale, David Singapore Section 9
Kang, Joo Korea Section 9
Pearson, Michael Thailand Section 9
Haines, Daniel Thailand Section 9
Sangwongwanich, Kanit Thailand Section 9
Hou, Binchi Northern China International Section 9
Ihara, Masaru Japan Section 8
Shabudin, Aidil Kuala Lumpur Section 8
Tay, Ronald Thailand Section 8
Darman, Nasir Kuala Lumpur Section 8
Fujita, Kazuo Japan Section 7
Beaton, Richard Vietnam Section 7
Jamaluddin, Abul Kuala Lumpur Section 7
Salahudin, Shamir Brunei Section 7
Kueh, Jing Zhi Sarawak Section 7
Win Htay,U Hla Myanmar Yangon Section 7
Bandal, Malvinder Singapore Section 6
Mohd Noor, Mazli Kuala Lumpur Section 6
Srivastava, Rajkamal Kuala Lumpur Section 6
Maki, Takeshi Japan Section 5
Lemanczyk, Zbigniew Kuala Lumpur Section 5
Nishi, Nobuyuki Japan Section 5
Lim, Min-Teong Kuala Lumpur Section 5
Husen, Anwar Kuala Lumpur Section 5
Ravlich, Michael Singapore Section 5
Murata, Sumihiko Japan Section 5
Suzuki, Shigekazu Japan Section 5
Boonyapaluk, Pativate Thailand Section 5
Ng, Thomas Kuala Lumpur Section 5
Borisuitsawat, Chayong Thailand Section 5
Mohamed, Anwarudin Kuala Lumpur Section 5
Karim, Amelia Kuala Lumpur Section 5
Kyaw Min, Aung Myanmar Yangon Section 5


See full list of recruiters in the Northern Asia Pacific Region.

Last, First Name SPE Section Total Credits
Irvine-Fortescue, Jamie Aberdeen Section 797
Wijaya, Zein Stavanger Section 152
Oyatogun, Nathaniel London Section 119
Van Hussen, Kees Netherlands Section 72
Martin, John London Section 55
Drechsler, Jan Stavanger Section 38
Lund, Tor Oslo Section 30
Van Baaren, Johannes Netherlands Section 28
Gilbert, Russell Aberdeen Section 27
Atkinson, Stephen Netherlands Section 24
Oijord, Gro Stavanger Section 23
Dawe, Richard London Section 22
Pogue, John Stavanger Section 21
Thorogood, John Aberdeen Section 21
Musgrave, Frank Aberdeen Section 19
Lyon, Graham London Section 19
Phillips, Ian Aberdeen Section 19
Brekne, Bjorn Stavanger Section 19
Radford, Thomas London Section 18
Freeman, Christopher London Section 18
Skovbro, Bjarne Copenhagen Section 18
Dahl, Tonje Bergen Section 18
Simpson, Neil Aberdeen Section 17
Svindland, Alf Stavanger Section 17
Roodhart, Leo Netherlands Section 17
Abu El-yazid, Mohamed London Section 17
Percival, Iain Aberdeen Section 16
Miller, Michael Aberdeen Section 16
Hewett, Mark Great Yarmouth Petroleum Section 15
Paulsen, Ole Stavanger Section 15
Weighill, Geoffrey Aberdeen Section 15
Van Batenburg, Diederik Netherlands Section 15
Wood, Diane Aberdeen Section 15
Cliff, Jeremy London Section 14
Damgaard, Anders Copenhagen Section 14
Johnson, Alan Aberdeen Section 13
Holstein, Vagn Copenhagen Section 13
Gorsuch, David London Section 13
Gunningham, Michael Netherlands Section 13
Saasen, Arild Oslo Section 13
Van Der Harst, Christiaan Netherlands Section 13
Torsaeter, Ole Trondheim Section 12
White, David London Section 12
Stenby, Erling Copenhagen Section 12
Cassell, Bruce London Section 12
Mazzilli, Jeremy Stavanger Section 12
Kleppe, Jon Trondheim Section 11
Skjaeveland, Svein Stavanger Section 11
Cull, Geoffrey London Section 11
Kew, Stephen Aberdeen Section 11
Attard, Marcel London Section 11
Cottrell, Charles London Section 11
Gans, Anton Netherlands Section 11
Agustsson, Hafsteinn Bergen Section 11
Christoffersen, K Trondheim Section 11
Ogunjimi, Patrick London Section 11
Stirton, Raymond Aberdeen Section 11
Urban, Stanley Aberdeen Section 11
Tortike, Willem London Section 10
Wilson, John Aberdeen Section 10
Rabia, Hussain London Section 10
Stokka, Sigmund Stavanger Section 10
Schou Pedersen, Karen Copenhagen Section 10
Cox, Martin Great Yarmouth Petroleum Section 10
Blanksby, John Aberdeen Section 10
Hughes, David London Section 10
Rajvanshi, Avnish Netherlands Section 10
Sognesand, Sigmund Bergen Section 10
Biezen, Ewout Netherlands Section 10
Rijper, Theo Netherlands Section 10
Conway, Richard Aberdeen Section 10
Altobell, Clara London Section 10
King, Gillian Aberdeen Section 10
Stamnes, Marius Northern Norway Section 10
Gaffney, Peter London Section 9
Briggs, Peter London Section 9
Oyeneyin, Mufutau Aberdeen Section 9
Field, Douglas London Section 9
Clark, David London Section 9
Hanson, Barrett Netherlands Section 9
Mahmood, Sajid London Section 9
Moffatt, Brian London Section 9
Monberg, Jakob Copenhagen Section 9
Moan, Rune Stavanger Section 9
Cline, William London Section 8
Gringarten, Alain London Section 8
Perry, Anthony London Section 8
Velzeboer, Piet London Section 8
Dunlop, Neil London Section 8
Petrie, Alexander Aberdeen Section 8
Plaat, Johannes Netherlands Section 8
Tonning, Stein Stavanger Section 8
Smestad, Paul Oslo Section 8
Erichsen, Leif Bergen Section 8
Van Der Zwaag, Claas Stavanger Section 8
Troelsen, Benny Copenhagen Section 8
Phillips, John London Section 8
St John, David London Section 7
Hannan, Michael Aberdeen Section 7
Grimes, Douglas Aberdeen Section 7
Dunmore, William Aberdeen Section 7
Brand, Stephen London Section 7
Krol, Dexter London Section 7
Van Gils, Joost Netherlands Section 7
Batchelor, Anthony London Section 7
Foulkes, John London Section 7
Gorman, Ken Stavanger Section 7
Tooley, Mark London Section 7
Purewal, Satinder London Section 7
Helgesen, Tron Stavanger Section 7
McIntyre, Brett Aberdeen Section 7
Hough, Simon Aberdeen Section 7
Bygdevoll, Jan Stavanger Section 7
Andreassen, Espen Stavanger Section 7
Johnson, Piers London Section 7
Assaf, Alex London Section 7
Kreft, Eric Netherlands Section 7
Van Den Berg, Frans Netherlands Section 7
Bourne, Hugh London Section 7
Bentoumi, Sofiene London Section 7
Diaz Nino, Yeisson Aberdeen Section 7
Godsmark, Duncan London Section 6
Coleman, William London Section 6
Davies, David London Section 6
Hastings, Astley Aberdeen Section 6
Eckerlin, Jorg Netherlands Section 6
Corrigan, Kevin London Section 6
Flaate, Svein Oslo Section 6
Tollefsen, Svein Stavanger Section 6
Curry, David London Section 6
Barker, John London Section 6
Christie, Michael Aberdeen Section 6
Clegg, John London Section 6
Rae, Graeme Aberdeen Section 6
Byrne, Michael Aberdeen Section 6
Jordan, Myles Aberdeen Section 6
Black, Colin Aberdeen Section 6
Johnstone, Kristian London Section 6
Frank, Soren Stavanger Section 6
Lawry, Philip London Section 6
Garford, David London Section 5
Heffer, Kes London Section 5
Burchell, Michael London Section 5
Simpson, Alastair Aberdeen Section 5
Colligan, John London Section 5
Aron, David London Section 5
Gregory, John Aberdeen Section 5
Gallivan, John Aberdeen Section 5
Mansell, Michael Netherlands Section 5
Jensen, Ole Copenhagen Section 5
Wannell, Michael London Section 5
Whitson, Curtis Trondheim Section 5
Rian, Dag Oslo Section 5
Jackson, Michael London Section 5
Van Der Lee, Jan-willem Netherlands Section 5
Puckett, David London Section 5
Fennell, Robert Aberdeen Section 5
Thorsrud, Arild Stavanger Section 5
Smith, Graeme Aberdeen Section 5
Haukvik, John Stavanger Section 5
Page, Geoffrey Aberdeen Section 5
Jordan, Mark Aberdeen Section 5
Aegidius, Peter Stavanger Section 5
Kelly, Roy London Section 5
Martin, Tony London Section 5
Champion, Brian Dorset Section 5
Stewart, John Aberdeen Section 5
Lakani, Ramin London Section 5
Turner, Alan Aberdeen Section 5
Beugelsdijk, Leon Netherlands Section 5
Gronnerod, Njal Bergen Section 5
Mech, Palvi Northern Norway Section 5
Govil, Amit Stavanger Section 5


See full list of recruiters in the North Sea Region.

Last, First Name SPE Section Total Credits
Moore, Forrest Denver Section 151
Dorson, David Powder River Basin Section 126
Evitt, Russell Williston Basin Section 85
Graham, Duane Denver Section 78
Bishop, David Wyoming Petroleum Section 42
Bonander, Richard Wyoming Petroleum Section 36
Strange, Jeff Western Wyoming Rock Springs Section 36
Clanton, Ray Powder River Basin Section 25
Robertson, Grant Denver Section 20
Johnstone, John Denver Section 16
D'Hooge, John Denver Section 16
Preston, Kevin Denver Section 16
Reed, Amos Denver Section 15
Vergnani, Robert Powder River Basin Section 15
Van Akkeren, Thomas Denver Section 14
Corbett, Joseph Wyoming Petroleum Section 13
Hales, Hugh Salt Lake City Section 12
Petersen, Duane Denver Section 12
Pitts, Malcolm Denver Section 12
Rawlins, Charles Billings Petroleum Section 11
Madden, Don Wyoming Petroleum Section 10
Rector, Robert Wyoming Petroleum Section 10
Eberhard, Michael Denver Section 10
Schuyler, Ronald Denver Section 9
Pospisil, Gordon Denver Section 9
Kennah, John Powder River Basin Section 9
Poppel, Benjamin Denver Section 9
Beeler, Samuel Denver Section 8
Kazemi, Hossein Denver Section 8
Koerner, Roy Denver Section 8
Vennett, Richard Salt Lake City Section 8
Mcdonald, Steven Wyoming Petroleum Section 8
Whitham, Barth Denver Section 8
Mack, James Denver Section 8
Blincow, Richard Denver Section 8
Brown, J Denver Section 8
Sears, Susan Denver Section 8
Gehrer-Norris, Geraldine Denver Section 8
Bratton, Tom Denver Section 8
Doughty, Thomas Denver Section 7
Heidt, Jacob No Established Section-Rocky Mountain Region 7
Kundert, Donald Denver Section 7
Van Kirk, Craig Denver Section 7
Wright, John Denver Section 7
Stewart, Art Denver Section 7
Kagie, H Denver Section 7
Galles, Daniel Wyoming Petroleum Section 7
Starkey, Allen Denver Section 7
Evans, Thomas Denver Section 7
Abass, Hazim Denver Section 7
Schmidt, Darren Williston Basin Section 7
Cady, Gilbert Billings Petroleum Section 6
Manley, D. Denver Section 6
Mcdougall, Robert No Established Section-Rocky Mountain Region 6
Pearson, Walter Denver Section 6
Blevins, David Denver Section 6
de Wardt, John Denver Section 6
Jordan, Jeffrey Denver Section 6
Thackeray, Herbert Billings Petroleum Section 6
Besler, Monte Williston Basin Section 6
Tibbles, Raymond Denver Section 6
Delap, Bill Denver Section 5
Doll, Thomas Wyoming Petroleum Section 5
Lutz, H Denver Section 5
Opsal, Clair Billings Petroleum Section 5
Peterson, David Williston Basin Section 5
Snell, J Denver Section 5
Veatch, Delton Denver Section 5
Borah, Michael Wyoming Petroleum Section 5
Belden, William Billings Petroleum Section 5
Benton, John Denver Section 5
Wolhart, Stephen Denver Section 5
Cullick, Alvin Denver Section 5
Oren, K C Denver Section 5
Jacobson, Eric Denver Section 5
Buys, Martin Denver Section 5


See full list of recruiters in the Rocky Mountain North America Region.

Last, First Name SPE Section Total Credits
Liron, Eric Moscow Section 101
Ablaev, Anton Moscow Section 60
Figilyantov, Aleksandr Perm Section 45
Borisenko, Alexey Tyumen Section 41
Mukanov, Adil Kyzylorda Section 39
Gladkov, Andrey Moscow Section 34
Buslaev, Georgy Northwest Russia Section 30
Medzinovskaya, Elizaveta Sakhalin Section 22
Zhilina, Maria Tyumen Section 20
Samoilov, Mikhail Tyumen Section 19
Ospan, Daulet Atyrau-Kazakhstan Section 19
Isakov, Kirill Tyumen Section 16
Diyashev, Iskander Moscow Section 13
Shchurenko, Alexandr Krasnoyarsk Section 13
Eremin, Nikolai Moscow Section 12
Abduzhaparov, Temirlan Astana Section 10
Krivosheev, Alexander Sakhalin Section 9
Saurbayev, Ilyas Astana Section 8
Mamleeva, Liliya Ufa Section 8
Eremyan, Grachik Tomsk Section 8
Kakaev, Atageldi Ashgabat Section 8
Kolbikov, Sergey Moscow Section 7
Khasanov, Mars Northwest Russia Section 7
Khain, Ilya Moscow Section 6
Shaimardan, Zhibek Astana Section 6
Yudin, Alexey Novosibirsk Section 6
Rudenko, Denis Moscow Section 6
Temirzhanov, Talgat Almaty Section 6
Akhmetgareev, Vadim Volga Section 6
Begimbetov, Olzhas Astana Section 6
Sapsalev, Evgeny Surgut Section 6
Wolcott, Donald Moscow Section 5
Butula, Kreso Moscow Section 5
Jussupbekova, Aizhana Astana Section 5
Streletskaya, Vlada Moscow Section 5
Nizaeva, Ksenia Sakhalin Section 5


See full list of recruiters in the Russia and Caspian Region.

Last, First Name SPE Section Total Credits
Nandan, Braj Chennai Section 288
Bali, Rahul New Delhi Section 253
Kanwar, Manav Mumbai Section 237
Dass, Chanchal India Section 157
McCullough, David Java Indonesia Section 142
Agarwal, Atul Mumbai Section 127
Singh, Suresh New Delhi Section 123
Kumar, Arvind New Delhi Section 116
Nagar, Ashish Mumbai Section 115
Hati, Santanu North India Section 111
Singh, Emmanuel North India Section 110
Jha, Krishna India Section 109
Mitra, Niladri Mumbai Section 106
Kumar, Dinesh North India Section 106
Nene, Peyush India Section 106
Dhir, Vinod New Delhi Section 105
Borthakur, Pronip Mumbai Section 100
Dewal, Rakesh Mumbai Section 100
Mathew, Valloor Mumbai Section 87
Ismanto, Bambang Java Indonesia Section 71
Dutta, Chaitali Mumbai Section 69
Singh, Rajesh New Delhi Section 60
Parulkar, Sanjay Northeast India Section 59
Allinson, William New South Wales/Australian Cap Section 46
Santostefano, Vincent Western Australian Section 46
Macary, Sameh Western Australian Section 46
Bhattacharya, Shyamal India Section 44
Herwin, Henricus Balikpapan Section 43
Gouldie, Thomas South Australian Section 33
Meakin, Christopher Victoria and Tasmania Section 33
Kamenar, Alberto Queensland Section 32
Seanard, Keith South Australian Section 31
Motghare, Prashant North India Section 30
Ksatrianto, Ester Java Indonesia Section 29
Kelemen, Stephen Queensland Section 28
Lawrence, John Java Indonesia Section 26
Kumar, Rajendra New Delhi Section 26
Macfarlane, Mark Queensland Section 25
Vij, Rakesh India Section 23
Oyemade, Stella Queensland Section 23
Skates, Jeff Western Australian Section 23
Kumar, Rajesh New Delhi Section 22
Nirigut, Bradley Papua New Guinea Section 22
Behrenbruch, Peter Queensland Section 21
Bunn, Graham Victoria and Tasmania Section 20
Tamim, Mohammad Bangladesh Section 20
Vijay, Rachit Barmer Section 19
Boardman, John Western Australian Section 18
Dominic, Paul Queensland Section 18
Kukreja, Joginder North India Section 18
Young, Jocelyn South Australian Section 18
Young, Andrew New South Wales/Australian Cap Section 17
Sharan, Shankar Kakinada Section 17
Goodacre, Jack Western Australian Section 15
Duerden, Edward South Australian Section 15
Karmakar, G India Section 15
Sodhi, Sukhvinder New Delhi Section 15
Hollis, Raymond South Australian Section 14
Nuttall, Duncan Victoria and Tasmania Section 14
Mccourt, Iain Western Australian Section 14
Baruah, Srimanta Northeast India Section 14
Thadikamalla, Ramaiah Kakinada Section 14
Barley, Mathew South Australian Section 13
Harris, Rodney Victoria and Tasmania Section 13
Sinha, Gautam New Delhi Section 12
Am, Suranto Java Indonesia Section 12
Mientjes, Ronald Queensland Section 11
Holmes, Robert Western Australian Section 11
Manning, David Western Australian Section 11
Morgan, Julie Western Australian Section 11
Dutta, Ranjit Duliajan Section 11
Sturgess, John New Zealand Section 10
Almeida, Wilfred Mumbai Section 10
Krishan, Kewal New Delhi Section 10
Paterson, Lincoln Victoria and Tasmania Section 9
Lake, Anthony South Australian Section 9
Kumar, Sunil Mumbai Section 9
Min, Peter South Australian Section 9
Sengupta, Tapas Mumbai Section 9
Talukdar, Ramen Mumbai Section 9
Dashore, Ajay New Delhi Section 9
Hyatt, Paul Western Australian Section 8
Bresnehan, Rodney Queensland Section 8
Reichman, Joseph Queensland Section 8
Manifold, Cameron Western Australian Section 8
Ball, David Queensland Section 8
Ting, Jack Victoria and Tasmania Section 8
Doddridge, Wayne Queensland Section 8
Sivakumar, Vinnavadi Bangalore Section 8
Hall, Margaret Victoria and Tasmania Section 8
Dhar, Samir Mumbai Section 8
Kamble, Prakash Mumbai Section 8
Thrasher, Thomas Western Australian Section 7
Van Der Weerd, Hendrik Java Indonesia Section 7
Coote, Peter Western Australian Section 7
Johnson, Raymond Queensland Section 7
Lim, David Western Australian Section 7
Mills, Peter Western Australian Section 7
Sharma, Shyam India Section 7
Youie, Ralph New South Wales/Australian Cap Section 7
Kumar, Aditya Bangalore Section 7
Henzell, Stephen Victoria and Tasmania Section 7
Khot, Shital Mumbai Section 7
Arshanda, Muhammad Sumatra Section 7
Krishna, Sivarama Kakinada Section 7
Kapoor, Mohit Mumbai Section 7
Bon, Jan South Australian Section 6
Macadam, James South Australian Section 6
Davy, Claire Western Australian Section 6
Price, David South Australian Section 6
Schneider, Fredrick Java Indonesia Section 6
Fabian, Mark Western Australian Section 6
Blackmore, John Queensland Section 6
Hamp, Roland Western Australian Section 6
Stephenson, Peter Western Australian Section 6
Degaris, Andrew South Australian Section 6
Sharma, Sandeep Western Australian Section 6
Naumann, Ross Queensland Section 6
Begg, Stephen South Australian Section 6
Jeffrey, Robert Victoria and Tasmania Section 6
McWalter, Michael Papua New Guinea Section 6
Marshall, Craig Western Australian Section 6
Chadud, Natalie Queensland Section 6
Brink, David South Australian Section 6
Dallow, Lisa South Australian Section 6
Lulla, Kabir Mumbai Section 6
Arumugam, Sankara Narayanan Chennai Section 6
Mitchell, Philip Victoria and Tasmania Section 5
Menzies, Anthony New Zealand Section 5
Towler, Brian Queensland Section 5
Wu, Chii South Australian Section 5
Cairney, Thomas Western Australian Section 5
Horton, Gregory South Australian Section 5
Greenstreet, Carl South Australian Section 5
Shri, Mahajan Mumbai Section 5
Crowe, Richard New Zealand Section 5
Taco, Gelber Western Australian Section 5
Breeze, Seamus New Zealand Section 5
Whittle, Antony Queensland Section 5
Aaskow, Dale Queensland Section 5
Mcbride, Stephen Western Australian Section 5
Cebastiant, Andre New South Wales/Australian Cap Section 5
Saputra, Rini Java Indonesia Section 5
Achariparampil, Reghu Mumbai Section 5
Ram, Binay Mumbai Section 5
Naranjo Penaloza, Euver Queensland Section 5
Aziz, Shamsul Bangladesh Section 5
Subhash New Delhi Section 5
Kumar, Umesh India Section 5
Sherston, Mitchell Western Australian Section 5
Soneja, Ved New Delhi Section 5
Bhatnagar, Deepak New Delhi Section 5
Kohar, Jai Northeast India Section 5
Agrawal, Gaurav Mumbai Section 5
Kamireddi, Venkateswara Kakinada Section 5
Pratama, Raka Sumatra Section 5


See full list of recruiters in the South Asia and the Pacific Region.

Last, First Name SPE Section Total Credits
Senese, Maurizio Italian Section 110
Sallam, Sarah Italian Section 110
Badiu, Vasile Romanian Section 103
Badea, Manuela Romanian Section 103
Raducu, Carmen Romanian Section 100
Panait, Cristina Romanian Section 57
De Ghetto, Giambattista Italian Section 56
Pongratz, Reinhard Vienna Basin Section 48
Van Golf-Racht, T. France Section 41
Tambini, Mauro Italian Section 31
Takacs, Gabor Hungarian Section 29
Domitrovic, Dragutin Croatian Section 29
Labastie, Alain France Section 28
Drumeanu, Monica-Ruxandra Romanian Section 28
Foidas, Ion Romanian Section 23
Camilleri, Lawrence France Section 21
Dunlop, Johana France Section 20
Andreae, Hans German Section 18
Lanzetta, Carlo Italian Section 18
Korosi, Thomas Hungarian Section 18
Rivero, Lourdes France Section 18
Seiller, Bernard France Section 17
Gherghiceanu, Dumitru Romanian Section 17
Peters, Albert German Section 16
Colamasi, Cesare Italian Section 16
Gasparinho, Vanessa Portugal Section 16
Domzalski, Simon France Section 15
Robinson, David France Section 15
Meister, Matthias German Section 15
Kharrat, Riyaz Vienna Basin Section 14
Fjaere, Ole Portugal Section 13
Remisio, Luis Portugal Section 13
Theuveny, Bertrand France Section 13
Durandeau, Marc France Section 13
Moroz, Yurii Kyiv Section 13
Ortega, Luis Spain Section 12
Leclair, David Hungarian Section 12
Deruyck, Bruno France Section 11
Moreiras, Edgardo Spain Section 11
Schenato, Adelmo Italian Section 11
Potsch, Klaus Vienna Basin Section 11
Murtada, Hani German Section 10
Bednarz, Stanislaw Poland Section 10
Heinemann, Zoltan Vienna Basin Section 9
Cikes, Marin Croatian Section 9
D'Alesio, Paolo Italian Section 9
Lemouzy, Pierre France Section 9
Mainardi, Furio Italian Section 9
Brkic, Vladislav Croatian Section 9
Loktyev, Valentyn Kyiv Section 9
Trepess, F Hungarian Section 8
Kinzel, Holger German Section 8
Ayan, Cosan Turkey Section 8
Dumas, Jean-Marc France Section 8
Ormezzano, Ugo Italian Section 8
Precupanu, Laura-Ioana Romanian Section 8
Siemek, Jakub Poland Section 7
Mowat, Gordon France Section 7
Jung, Oliver Swiss Section 7
Nagy, Stanislaw Poland Section 7
Chur, Claus German Section 7
Chaus, Konstantin France Section 7
Sacco, Francesco Italian Section 7
Zharkeshov, Sanzhar Kyiv Section 7
Littmann, Wolfgang German Section 6
Reich, Matthias German Section 6
Di Lullo, Alberto Italian Section 6
Chelu, Tudor Romanian Section 6
Forstner, Ingo German Section 6
Pagac, Milan Vienna Basin Section 6
Cahay, Marc France Section 6
Satman, Abdurrahman Turkey Section 5
Akstinat, Manfred German Section 5
Topguder, Nazan Turkey Section 5
Alcobia, Victor France Section 5
Guerillot, Dominique France Section 5
Audibert-Hayet, Annie France Section 5
Afilaka, John France Section 5
Macini, Paolo Italian Section 5
Ferroni, Gionata Italian Section 5
Carcione, Ettore Italian Section 5


See full list of recruiters in the South, Central, and Eastern Europe Region.

Last, First Name SPE Section Total Credits
Straw, Henry Austin Section 122
Gaddy, Dean Permian Basin Section 117
Jessich, David Austin Section 107
Runyan, Edward Permian Basin Section 64
Bott, Richard Permian Basin Section 63
Lawley, Harold Amarillo Petroleum Section 63
Holcomb, David Permian Basin Section 45
Mitchell, Robert Amarillo Petroleum Section 40
Jorden, James Austin Section 34
Gentry, Thomas Permian Basin Section 24
Harris, Billy Permian Basin Section 22
Boomer, Robert Permian Basin Section 20
McVay, Larry Austin Section 19
Abad-Guerra, Boris Balcones Section 17
Martin, F. No Established Section-Southwestern North America Region 17
Moring, James Permian Basin Section 16
Swift, Virgil Austin Section 16
Williamson, Roy Permian Basin Section 16
Smith, Michael Permian Basin Section 15
Gerhard, Gary Permian Basin Section 14
Meltzer, B. Austin Section 14
McNaughton, Robert Permian Basin Section 14
Willoughby, Walter Balcones Section 12
Stone, Tony North Texas Section 12
Einhorn, Elizabeth Permian Basin Section 12
Kalteyer, Charles Austin Section 11
Williams, Fred No Established Section-Southwestern North America Region 11
Edgar, Arlen Permian Basin Section 10
Holm, Anchor No Established Section-Southwestern North America Region 10
Ragsdale, Paul Roswell Section 10
Starks, Ray Austin Section 10
Schrenkel, Peter Permian Basin Section 10
Fragachan, Francisco Permian Basin Section 10
Divine, David Permian Basin Section 9
Roberts, C. Austin Section 9
Roe, James Austin Section 9
Steckel, F. Permian Basin Section 9
Zamora, Joe Austin Section 9
Mohanty, Kishore Austin Section 9
Creel, Prentice Permian Basin Section 9
Scott, Dennis Austin Section 9
Boonen, Paul Permian Basin Section 9
Henning, Kevin Balcones Section 8
Parkison, H Permian Basin Section 8
Mcclay, Randy Permian Basin Section 8
Jackson, William Austin Section 8
Wesson, David North Texas Section 8
Miesch, Edward Balcones Section 7
Oliver, Delbert Amarillo Petroleum Section 7
Martin, John Balcones Section 7
Royce, Tom Balcones Section 7
Metza, Michael Permian Basin Section 7
Folger, Lois Permian Basin Section 7
Medina, Maximiliano Austin Section 7
Locklear, William Balcones Section 6
Miller, Clifford Austin Section 6
Orr, Charles Balcones Section 6
Seitz, Sterling Amarillo Petroleum Section 6
Small, Samuel No Established Section-Southwestern North America Region 6
Walker, John Amarillo Petroleum Section 6
Taylor, Leonard Amarillo Petroleum Section 6
Boring, Pamela Permian Basin Section 6
Edwards, Paul No Established Section-Southwestern North America Region 6
Burleson, Gayle Permian Basin Section 6
Johns, Tina Permian Basin Section 6
Vasicek, Michael Permian Basin Section 6
Abel, Roger Austin Section 5
Lyon, Victor No Established Section-Southwestern North America Region 5
Magee, Dan Balcones Section 5
Maurer, William Austin Section 5
Brink, Gary No Established Section-Southwestern North America Region 5
Peters, Ekwere Austin Section 5
Taylor, Stephen Permian Basin Section 5
Metcalf, Arthur Balcones Section 5
Wheeler, Mary Austin Section 5
Seright, Randall Roswell Section 5
Heinze, Lloyd Permian Basin Section 5
Standridge, Richard Austin Section 5
Stewart, John Permian Basin Section 5
Karakas, Metin Austin Section 5
Sharma, Mukul Austin Section 5
Hunter, Aaron Permian Basin Section 5


See full list of recruiters in the Southwestern North America Region.

Last, First Name SPE Section Total Credits
Krebs, Harry Los Angeles Basin Section 336
Curnutt, Randall Pacific Northwest Section 105
Lagerlef, David Alaska Section 71
Voskanian, Marina Los Angeles Basin Section 68
Crawford, Jon San Joaquin Valley Section 37
Crosby, Fredric Los Angeles Basin Section 37
Burke, Billy San Joaquin Valley Section 35
Cooper, Robert Pacific Northwest Section 29
Neblett, Lester Santa Maria Section 27
Fattahi, Behrooz San Joaquin Valley Section 27
Fisher, Thomas Los Angeles Basin Section 26
Stephenson, John San Joaquin Valley Section 25
Holtzclaw, Madelyn San Joaquin Valley Section 25
Blesener, Jeffrey San Joaquin Valley Section 25
Sprunt, Eve Golden Gate Section 23
Kersey, David No Established Section-Western North America Region 22
Champion, Charles Los Angeles Basin Section 21
Green, Gary Alaska Section 20
Sloan, Richard San Joaquin Valley Section 15
Earhart, James Golden Gate Section 15
Arscott, Lyn Golden Gate Section 14
Bopp, Harold San Joaquin Valley Section 13
Cloidt, Joseph Golden Gate Section 12
Ershaghi, Iraj Los Angeles Basin Section 12
Hertfelder, Gary Santa Maria Section 12
Firoozabadi, Abbas Golden Gate Section 12
Hara, Philip Los Angeles Basin Section 11
Brienen, Jeffery Los Angeles Basin Section 11
North, Robert Golden Gate Section 11
Kliewer, Max Pacific Northwest Section 10
Elias, Ramon Santa Maria Section 10
Murphy, Gerald Alaska Section 10
McLean, Thomas Golden Gate Section 9
Monteiro, Ernesto San Joaquin Valley Section 9
Aziz, Khalid Golden Gate Section 8
Green, Kenneth Golden Gate Section 8
Shryock, Steven Los Angeles Basin Section 8
Buell, Richard San Joaquin Valley Section 8
Woodling, Gary Los Angeles Basin Section 8
Fram, Joe No Established Section-Western North America Region 8
Redmond, Thomas Alaska Section 8
Kamal, Medhat Golden Gate Section 7
Keller, Richard No Established Section-Western North America Region 7
Monroe, Myles No Established Section-Western North America Region 7
Williams, Jeffrey San Joaquin Valley Section 7
Carlson, Gary Alaska Section 6
Weinbrandt, Richard Los Angeles Basin Section 6
Yu, John San Joaquin Valley Section 6
Mckay, Charles San Joaquin Valley Section 6
Toledo, Rolando Los Angeles Basin Section 6
Kamilos, Gerry Golden Gate Section 6
Moore, Norman Los Angeles Basin Section 6
Frame, Timothy San Joaquin Valley Section 6
Araya, Anibal San Joaquin Valley Section 6
Bowman, Ronald No Established Section-Western North America Region 5
Caenn, Ryen Los Angeles Basin Section 5
Emanuel, Alan Los Angeles Basin Section 5
Marcotte, Brian Los Angeles Basin Section 5
Pye, D. Pacific Northwest Section 5
Wilson, Mary San Joaquin Valley Section 5
Cao, Mary Golden Gate Section 5
Williams, Richard San Joaquin Valley Section 5
Minner, William San Joaquin Valley Section 5
Swanson, Glenn Los Angeles Basin Section 5
Amabeoku, Maclean Los Angeles Basin Section 5
Eden, Anthony San Joaquin Valley Section 5
Paskvan, Frank Alaska Section 5
Robinson, Steven Alaska Section 5
Frankiewicz, Theodore Los Angeles Basin Section 5
Brake, Sean San Joaquin Valley Section 5


See full list of recruiters in the Western North America Region.

Updated 7 October 2021