Avoid Event Scams

SPE's great reputation and highly valued events have made us (and you) the target of a variety of scams.  Please be aware of the items below and check with us if you have questions about emails you receive that say they are representing SPE.

Attendee Lists


Multiple companies have been contacting SPE members and SPE event attendees claiming to sell or rent event attendee lists. SPE does not rent, share, or sell email addresses to third parties. Read the SPE privacy policy.

These companies aren’t associated with SPE and aren’t authorized to use the SPE name or trademark.

It appears that spammers are sending mass emails to companies that appear on SPE’s event websites. Since the spammers’ “company name” and “From” email address frequently change, SPE and our members/attendees are unable to prevent these unwanted occurrences.

We apologize for the inconvenience that these spammers have caused.

Uncertain if an email you received is a scam? View the example below from a scammer that an SPE Staff Member received, and remember: SPE does not rent, share, or sell your email address to third parties.




SPE notifies attendees and exhibitors when accommodations are open and the housing link is posted on event websites.

If available, view the Official Contractor List (located on each event's Exhibitor Resources page) to ensure communications received are from an official housing contractor and are not part of a scam.

If a show has an official housing contractor, other housing companies are not authorized to contact exhibitors.

Exhibitor Directories

Image Please be aware of exhibitor directories that claim to be selling advertising space for SPE or one of our events. 

Do not sign any forms or contracts unless you have read and understand the terms for companies such as Fair Guide (also known as Construct Data Verlag AG or Expo Guide) and International Fairs Directory. In some cases, you may be unknowingly signing up for multi-year agreements. SPE has no association with these companies, nor have we authorized them to use our name or trademark.

If you have concerns about these companies, contact the Fair Trade Commission (FTC) or the equivalent for your country.