Yusuf Falola

Image of Yusuf Falola

Yusuf Falola had his bachelor's degree in Petroleum Engineering from Rivers State University (RSU), Nigeria and emerged as the overall best graduating student in his graduating class. Afterwards, he proceeded to obtain advanced degrees (Master of Science) from Imperial College, London and African University of Science and Technology, Nigeria. Presently, he is a graduate student in the prestigious Harold Vance department of Petroleum Engineering at Texas A&M University (TAMU) under the supervision of Dr. Siddharth Misra. His research focuses on the application of machine learning in petroleum engineering with special interest in optimization of geological CO2 sequestration. He has co-authored several publications (including 2 SPE conference papers) and he has been an active SPE member since 2010. 

Prior to joining TAMU, Yusuf served as a graduate assistant at one of the best polytechnics in Nigeria - Kaduna Polytechnic - where he assisted professors teaching reservoir and drilling engineering courses and compiled the first petroleum engineering departmental handbook. Afterwards, he worked as a procurement graduate intern at ExxonMobil Nigeria. In this role, he contributed to achieving 70% of the year’s business value in nine months and aided the team to cut down pending requests by 60%. Recently, he served as an intern at Tenaris where he developed and implemented a framework on iRun Casing software to anticipate drilling process dysfunctions, during casing installation, based on pre-existing conditions captured by drilling daily report. 

Additionally, Yusuf is an ardent volunteer. Up till now, he has always been an active SPE member in all institutions that he attended. He was also part of the RSU PetroBowl team that won the African Regional maiden edition in 2014. He has been a key member of TAMU PetroBowl team since 2021. In his research endeavors, Yusuf has reviewed scientific manuscripts for Data Science and Management Journal and served as a volunteer tutor for Action Tutoring in the UK. More importantly, he serves as a volunteer (part time) machine learning applications lecturer in the department of petroleum and energy resources engineering of his alma mater, AUST.

Lastly, Yusuf is grateful to SPE and Mr. Imomoh for this award. He also appreciates the previous awards from SPE: section 103 best student and Olumide Phillips scholarship awards. These awards inspire him to continue to give his best academically and professionally. Similarly, Yusuf intends to serve his immediate community, and humanity, even better!

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