Augustus Downing

Augustus Downing Headshot Augustus Downing is 18 years old and is an aspiring Petroleum Engineer at Texas A&M University, hailing from Churchill Fulshear High School in Fulshear, Texas. He has a very entrepreneurial mind and prides himself on his ambition and creative problem-solving skills, and, accordingly, is entering Texas A&M with over a full semester worth of college credit hours.

Outside of the classroom, Augustus played baseball for all four years of high school, including a stint as team captain and number one starting pitcher in his senior year, which was sadly cut short as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. He also enjoys day trading and following the stock market as a hobby, and has accumulated more than 65,000 followers on a Tik Tok account which he co-runs and discusses day trading and investing, often with a humorous twist. Ultimately, he aspires to graduate from Texas A&M in less than four years and become a drilling engineer, and intends to begin investing in real estate as quickly as possible.

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