Mariam Shakeel

Mariam Shakeel headshot

My name is Mariam Shakeel and I am from Pakistan, and currently studying for a Ph.D. Petroleum Engineering from Nazarbayev University Kazakhstan. I completed my B.Sc. Petroleum Engineering from the University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore, Pakistan in 2014 and received a distinction by securing two gold medals. 

In 2014, I joined Schlumberger Pakistan as a production engineer and served there for one year. Later, in 2015, I began working as a reservoir engineer for Orient Petroleum (Pty) Limited Pakistan, where I worked for four years. After gaining professional experience and understanding industry challenges, I aimed for higher education, and my quest and efforts ended up with admission to Nazarbayev University Kazakhstan on a full scholarship in 2019. I graduated from Nazarbayev University Kazakhstan with an M.Sc. in Petroleum Engineering and enrolled in a Ph.D. program in Petroleum Engineering in 2021. 

In my Ph.D. research, I am investigating wettability alteration and fines migration mechanisms for oil recovery in sandstone reservoirs following low salinity waterflooding. I am considering it advantageous to undertake a comprehensive experimental and modeling investigation in support of both theories in order to establish if fines migration is beneficial or detrimental in terms of its role in incremental oil recovery.

Under the continuous supervision of highly qualified faculty and getting hands-on experience in the research labs of Nazarbayev University, I polished my research aptitude and analyzed that there is a dire need for innovative technologies to unlock the remaining oil in place and maximize oil recovery. My research articles in reputable international journals demonstrate my technical writing skills. My personal interest, research abilities, supervision, and management skills all motivate me to pursue a career in academia after graduation. It will provide me with more opportunities to work closely with the industry and find solutions to unanswered questions. I also see great potential in upcoming young students and researchers, and I believe that as a collective effort, we can make a significant contribution to resolving the challenges faced by the petroleum industry.

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