Fort Worth Section

Fort Worth, Texas, USA

Section Membership Contest 2006

Date Established: 15 Oct 1952


Mr. Frank Edwards Syfan Jr., Syfan Engineering LLC

Program Chairperson

Ms. Gladys Leal, Cawley Gillespie & Assocs.


Mrs. Tiffany H Flanagan, Cawley Gillespie & Assocs.

Chairperson Elect

Briley Hicks, Universal Pressure Pumping Inc


Mr Stacy C Newman, ImCooter Data LLC


Mr. Dustin W Bozarth, Allamon Tool Co.


Stephanie Freels, ProTechnics

Past Chairperson

Mr Philip S Anthony

Social Activities Chair

Mr. Stephen Henry Neuse, Texland Petroleum, LP

Scholarship Chairperson

Mr. Stephen P Monroe

Staff Liaison

Erin O'Sullivan, Society of Petroleum Engineers

Staff Liaison

Taylor Wright, Society of Petroleum Engineers