New York and New England Petroleum Section

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Date Established: 16 Dec 1954


Jean Elkhoury, Schlumberger - Doll Research

Membership Chairperson

Claudio Vilas Boas Favero, Exponent, Inc.

Program Chairperson

Ayrat Gizzatov, Aramco Research Center


Lukasz Zielinski, Schlumberger - Doll Research


Mr Kashif Rashid Dr, Schlumberger


Dr. William J Bailey, Schlumberger


Dr. Bilgin Altundas, Schlumberger

Communications Chairperson

Chang-Yu Hou, Schlumberger - Doll Research

Scholarship Chairperson

David S. McCormick, Schlumberger

Student Chapter Liaison

Dr. Ray (Zhenhua) Rui, SPEC, Massachusetts Inst. of Tech.

Staff Liaison

Erin O'Sullivan, Society of Petroleum Engineers

Staff Liaison

Zain Al Radaideh, Society of Petroleum Engineers

Staff Liaison

Taylor Wright, Society of Petroleum Engineers