London Section

London, United Kingdom

Section Excellence Award 2020

Gold Standard Section 2016

President's Award for Section Excellence 2014

Section Award for Innovation 2011

Section Award for Outstanding Young Professional Activity 2011

Section Award for Innovation 2007

President's Award for Section Excellence 2006

Section Membership Contest 2006

President's Award for Section Excellence 2003

President's Award for Section Excellence 2001

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Date Established: 22 Jun 1971


Elizaveta Poliakova, Trident Energy Management Limited

Program Chairperson

Mr. Timothy D Lines, Oilfield International

Membership Chairperson

Arsenij Fiodorov


Mr Vincent Penasse, Neptune Energy

Student Chapter Liaison

Mehdi Alem, bp

Chairperson Elect

Shwan Dizayee, Infosys Consulting

Communications and Outreach Chairperson



Mr. Adam M Borushek


Mr. Barny Hugh Brennan, Brennan Energy Services Ltd


Mr. Ralph Adrian Southworth, Oleum Ventures Ltd


Ms Isabel Asenjo, SASOL Petroleum Intl.


Raghd Ahmed Gadrbouh, CGG

Past Chairperson

Adam Zalewski, Equinor US

Social Activities Chair

Mr. Percy Paul Obeahon, SPEC, Shell International Trading & Shipping Co Ltd

Staff Liaison

Erin O'Sullivan, Society of Petroleum Engineers

Staff Liaison

Ola Davies, Society of Petroleum Engineers