Hassi Messaoud Section

Hassi Messaoud, Algeria

Section Excellence Award 2019

Date Established: 15 Oct 2017


Brahim Hammoudi, Sonatrach

Faculty Advisor

Ahmed HADJADJ, University of Boumerdes

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Mounir Aouadj, University of Batna 2

Faculty Advisor

Hamid Lebtahi, University of Ouargla

Membership Chairperson

Mohamed Ali Ibrahim Mohamed Hassan, Lloyd's Register

Program Chairperson

Zakaria Boumine, Premier Group


Sabrina Boukelsous, TASSILI Oilfield Services


Walid Gasmi, Intelligent Engineering Services


Mohammed Shady, Schlumberger Oilfield Services

Student Chapter Liaison

Mr. Tayeb Khetib, University of Boumerdes

Student Chapter Liaison

Chada El Islam Manel Benmahcene, Baker Hughes, a GE company

Staff Liaison

Jackie Hoffmann, SPE Middle East

Staff Liaison

Erin O'Sullivan, Society of Petroleum Engineers