Establish a Section

SPE has professional sections around the world that provide an operating framework for society activities at a local level. 

Petitions for new sections are reviewed three times a year: 15 June, 15 October and 1 December. Please refer to the Section Officers Resource Center to learn more about operating a section as well as the eligibility requirements listed below.



  • Sections must have a minimum of 25 professional members residing in the geographic area.


  • Sections must indicate and be named for the city in which they intend to meet.
    • Other cities in close proximity may be included in the jurisdiction if not currently served by another section.
    • Jurisdiction cannot include an entire country or large geographic area.
    • If any of the area is already included in the jurisdiction of another section, that section must agree to release the territory.
  • Sections should explain the upstream activity in the area.

Officers and Governance

  • Sections must elect current SPE members who are willing to serve as officers. Officer details must be submitted to SPE.
  • Sections must agree with standard operating regulations as provided by SPE. If alternative versions are preferred, these should be submitted to SPE for approval.

To apply, download and submit a complete petition (.doc) to by 15 June, 15 October or 1 December. Petitioning members are encouraged to work closely with staff before the deadline to ensure all details are correct.

Within 45 days of the submission deadline, the petitioning officer will be notified of approval. Until officially approved, groups may not operate using the SPE name. Upon approval, SPE will issue official charters and logos.