Policy to Establish and Maintain an SPE Council

Councils provide a framework for sections within a national or regional area to pursue common interests, collaborate, and exchange information. Councils are advisory groups and have no governing authority over the participating sections. Student chapters may not form regional or national councils. Their framework for participation and collaboration exists within their sponsoring section.


The following requirements must be met and submitted to SPE International by the 15th day of February, June or October.

  1. The country or region of the council must include at least three sections.
  2. The majority of the sections in the proposed area must support the formation and submit a letter of support. Participation in the council must be voluntary and determined by each individual section
  3. Councils must elect and submit to SPE the members in good standing willing to serve as officers. Officers must represent at least 3 of the sections included in the Council.
  4. Councils must prepare and submit bylaws and operating guidelines which outlines the purpose of the council to SPE in English.

Review and approval of petitions will be completed three times per year during SPE board meetings. Upon approval, SPE will issue official charters and logos.


It is expected that councils complete certain requirements to maintain their status. Councils not in compliance forfeit benefits and may be subject to dissolution.

  1. Councils must have at least three officers in good standing.
  2. Councils must continue to have the support of the majority of the sections in the outlined jurisdiction. Participation in the council is voluntary and determined by each individual section.
  3. Councils must submit annual reporting, financial information and current bylaws in English by the prescribed date.
  4. Councils must comply with SPE policies.

If one or more of the requirements is not met as of 1 September, SPE will notify the officers of the council. If corrective actions are not complete by 1 December, the council will be deemed non-compliant.

Any council that is deemed non-compliant on 1 December in two consecutive years is granted 30 days to take corrective action or be disestablished as of 1 January. Once disestablished, a council may not establish again for a minimum of 12 months.


At any time, SPE may decide to disestablish councils. There may also be times when the council leaders no longer see the need to be a council. To be initiated by the council, at least two thirds of the current officers must agree. The council must also confirm that it has notified all sections officers within the council jurisdiction regarding the decision in accordance with the procedures indicated in the bylaws. At the time of dissolution, all funds will be redirected to SPE.