Student Membership Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a Student Member of SPE?

To become a student member, visit our Join page. For help with the sign-up process, watch our video guide on how to join SPE as a Student Member below.

How can I check my SPE membership?

Log into your SPE Profile to manage your membership, maintain your contact information, education records and check your Section and Chapter status.

How much is Student Membership?

SPE membership has different fees depending on which group your country is in. View your country category to determine the cost of your dues. Your first year of Student Membership is free if you opt in to the Chevron Dues Waiver Program. View the full list of up-to-date Membership fees.

Members transitioning from student to professional membership upon graduation (and with no lapse in membership) are also eligible to receive the first year of SPE Professional Membership free.

What are the requirements for becoming a student member?

As an industry focused society, to be a Student Member at SPE you must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Must be enrolled in a university and carry at least 30% of a normal full-time academic load.
  • Must have an academic concentration in petroleum or a related field.
  • And at least one of the following:
    • Be pursuing the equivalent of a bachelors or graduate degree.
    • Attend a university with an established SPE student chapter.

SPE will contact your student chapter faculty sponsor to verify enrollment, or request a copy of your current transcript or proof of enrolment.

For questions regarding your eligibility, please contact

What benefits are available for Student Members?

There are many opportunities to network and develop your skills through SPE programs and events. We also offer discounts on resources, scholarships and fellowships, and access to a global community to help build relationships with your peers. For more information on specific benefits, visit our Student page or our Member Resource Center.

I am from a Sanctioned country. Can I still be an SPE member?

SPE must comply with all applicable sanction laws, including those of the U.S. and European Union which prohibit personnel and nationals of certain countries (including the US) living abroad from providing or assisting in the provision of certain services to individuals who ordinarily reside in an embargoed or sanctioned country.

You can still be an SPE member if you are a citizen from a Sanctioned Country, however, certain restrictions may apply on which programs and resources you will be able to access.

How do I get my SPE Membership Card?

Due to the global spread and number of our SPE members, individual membership cards are no longer mailed to SPE Members (Student or Professional). However, you can print out your own card by using by using the Online Card Generator.

How long is my membership valid?

The SPE membership year is 1 January though 31 December. Members who choose Option 2 and join after 1 September pay for the following calendar year and receive the remaining months of the current year at no additional cost. View payment options or contact

How do I transisiton from a Student to Professional Member?

If you have graduated, or are about to graduate, be sure to update your SPE Profile to give yourself access to more opportunities and resources as a professional member. Visit our Student Graduation page for more information. Your first year as a graduate Student Member is FREE.  

Can I still be a member if my university doesn't have a Student Chapter?

Yes. Student Chapters are a great way of connecting with other Students at your University, but if your University does not have an established Chapter you can still be an Individual Student Member.

All Student Members can be involved in the Student Paper Contests, Scholarships and Fellowships and many other programs. The only international program you cannot participate in is PetroBowl which requires a team from a Chapter to enter.

What programs can I be involved in as a Student Member?

Several roles in SPE require professional membership. however we have multiple opportunities which you can take advantage of as a Student Member, including volunteering at events and participating in student programs such as PetroBowl and the Student Paper Contest. You can also request an Ambassador Lecturer visit or a eMentor. Student members also make up our Student Chapter Committees and regularly host SPE events.

How do I find my Student Chapter?

Find out if your university has an established SPE Student Chapter and who is on the committee.

How do I establish a Student Chapter?

If your university meets the eligibility requirements, you can establish an SPE Chapter. Applications are reviewed three times a year. If the requirements of a Chapter aren't continually met over time, the Chapter will be disestablished.

How do I add/update Officers for my Chapter?

Any current officer or past (within 3 months) has access to make changes to the rosters, this can be done through the Maintain officer roster link found in the Chapter Operations Manual.

How do I contact my supporting Section?

To contact your Section, you can either speak to the members of your SPE Chapter Committee or alternatively, find your Section Committee members. Use the Membership Directory to find member contact details.

How do I participate in the Student Paper Contest?

The Student Paper Contest uses Regional Contests around the world to determine who will be invited to the International round at ATCE. All SPE Student Members that abide by US and EU Sanction Laws are eligible to participate by submitting an abstract based on their own original work. Only sole author papers are allowed; no joint papers can be submitted. View a list of upcoming contests.

How do I participate in PetroBowl®?

All SPE Chapters in good standing can participate in PetroBowl® by competing in the Regional Qualifiers. Between two to five eligible Student Members from each Chapter can create a team to enter the contest. Each regional qualifier is determined by the Regional Directors who represent the six PetroBowl ® regions. Rules and procedures may vary based on each region's resources.

How can I connect with other SPE Members?

You can always connect with other members by participating in, organizing, and attending local SPE Chapter or Section Events, but the best way to connect with the wider membership is through SPE Connect, an online forum for SPE members. Online communities representing various disciplines, regions, and career stages allow members to discuss updates, new trends and ask peers questions. Message other members directly and find out more about your local SPE activities.

The Membership Directory allows you to search and connect with individual SPE Members.

If you want to build a supportive, ongoing professional relationship with a member, join the eMentoring program.

How do I register for SPE certification?

Student Members are not eligible to receive SPE’s Petroleum Engineering Certification. In order to gain this additional recognition you must first have met the following requirements;

  • An undergraduate engineering degree in petroleum engineering or related science.
  • At least 4 years of experience and training in engineering.
  • Professional membership in good standing with the Society of Petroleum Engineers.

Can SPE help me find a job?

SPE is a membership organization where industry engineers can expand their knowledge, network and build relationships. We aim to provide the resources and opportunities for you to develop skills that will aide with your recruitment in the industry, but we cannot do not offer work placements or jobs on behalf of other organizations.

SPE resources include our annual Industry Salary SurveyCompetency Management Tool and even Petroleum Engineering Certification.

Does SPE offer Scholarships or Fellowships?

For our Student Members, we offer a limited number of scholarships and fellowships for both undergraduate and graduate students pursuing degrees related to the oil and gas industry.

Most SPE International Scholarship and Fellowship applications must be submitted by 12 p.m. (midday) 15 April, Central USA (UTC-5). Late applications or supporting documents will NOT be accepted. Recipients are announced by the 1st of August each year intended for the following Academic Year.

Nominations for the Nico van Wingen Fellowship are due by 15 October and nominee information must be submitted by 1 November.