PetroBowl® Competition Volunteer Opportunities

All 2023 regional PetroBowl® contests will be run by teams within that region. Information on these regional activities can be found on the Regional Qualifiers page.

Volunteer roles for this contest will be different to traditional physical formats an we suggest checking the League of Volunteers webpage for specific roles as they become available or email us at

As PetroBowl is a quiz for Students, we do not accept student volunteers for this contest to avoid any bias during the running of the conference.

Volunteer Opportunities Include:

  • Judge (Senior Members only)
  • Moderator (Young Professional Members only)
  • Scorekeeper (Young Professional Members only)
  • Timekeeper (Young Professional Members only)
  • Social Media and Visual Aid (Young Professional Members only)
  • Registration Coordinator (Young Professional Members only)

Question Writing
To broaden the geographic diversity of the PetroBowl competition question set, we invite volunteers globally to contribute questions to the PetroBowl Championship question bank by submitting questions online.

   Submit Questions for the PetroBowl Question Bank

PetroBowl® question contributors must:

  • Be SPE members in good standing—students and university staff members are not eligible to participate.
  • Have previous experience in the style and understanding of the question structure—full instructions will be provided to all volunteers.
  • Have personal interest in the academic development of university students.
  • Have the technical expertise to produce high competency-level questions.

Questions can cover any technical specialty, knowledge, or historical information about the industry or SPE.

Please make sure to read through the question writing guidelines to make sure your questions can be used during the contest.

Note: all questions will be reviewed before being considered for use in a PetroBowl competition and may be rejected without notice.

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