Awards and Recognition Committee

About the Committee

The Awards and Recognition Committee (ARC) is charged with making recommendations to the SPE Board of Directors to ensure a cohesive, comprehensive, fair, and equitable awards program. The ARC advises the Board on aspects of member recognition related to individual international and regional awards. The Committee is composed of 16 members who served as immediate past chair of an award selection subcommittee, plus the chair appointed by the incoming SPE president.

Qualifications and Experience

  • Current SPE professional member
  • Former representatives of one or more award selection committees, including major, service, and technical awards

Expected Time Commitment

  • One-year term for members 
  • Three-year term for chair rotation
  • Quarterly and as needed teleconference meetings

Deliverables and Expectations

  • Oversee the SPE Awards Program and associated recognitions
  • Maintain Awards Committee Suggested Practices document
  • Responsible for reviewing proposals for new awards
  • Serve as a resource to the award selection subcommittees 


The ARC oversees the operations of 19 award selection subcommittees, each tasked with specific responsibilities:

  • 4 Major Awards Committees
  • 10 Technical Awards Committees
  • 3 Service Awards Committees
  • 1 Faculty Award Committee

These subcommittees play a crucial role in the evaluation and recognition process within our organization, ensuring that excellence across various domains is duly acknowledged and celebrated.