Diversity & Inclusion Committee

About the Committee

Committee logo The Diversity & Inclusion Committee (D&I)’s vision is to advance the society’s commitment to diversity and inclusion within the oil and gas community through collaboration, and education. The D&I committee was launched in 2020, and was previously known as the Women in Energy (WIN), which was originally established in 2016.

The SPE has a broad reaching membership base and expansive network of influence. Diversity and inclusion (D&I) activities and efforts must be bespoke for the local environment. This committee will work to foster productive relationships between its members and the local sections and chapters to ensure D&I upholds local cultural and societal context.  

D&I's Mission

  1. Uphold the legacy of Women in Energy Standing Committee which is set out to promote leadership, representation, and recognition for women within SPE
  2. Provide and support platforms whereby members can share their ideas surrounding Diversity and Inclusion
  3. Provide support to local SPE Sections and Chapters in the creation and maintenance of Diversity and Inclusion Committees
  4. Collaborate, support, and advise on topics relating to Diversity and Inclusion within SPE and external to SPE
  5. Promote diversity and inclusion in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) 

Committee Membership:
The committee comprises of a minimum of 7 and a maximum of 15 members including a chair, deputy chair, advisor and four focus area leads. Members are appointed for up to three-year terms and are encouraged to support multiple efforts within the committee although it is discouraged for one person to serve in multiple chair positions simultaneously.

Section and Chapter Maps

SPE D&I in Sections Map

SPE D&I in Sections Map

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SPE D&I in Student Chapters Map

SPE D&I in Student Chapters Map

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Qualifications and Experience

Committee members should have a demonstrated interest and commitment in diversity and inclusion within the oil and gas community.

Expected Time Commitment

Based on its global membership, the committee meets monthly via conference call. Focus area leads are expected to also hold monthly teleconferences with their subcommittees. The group has a special session at ATCE, and committee members are encouraged to attend. Individuals striving to join the committee should be prepared to dedicate 20 hours a month to progressing the work of the committee.

Deliverables and Expectations

All committee members shall be active during their tenure helping to progress D&I’s initiatives relating to the mission as outlined below. Committee members provide updates to leadership on a monthly basis and participate in monthly teleconferences to provide updates on their activities to other committee members.

View guidelines for sections to establish a local D&I committee.

View SPE Diversity & Inclusion Committee video content on Vimeo.

Contact the Diversity & Inclusion Committee at diversityandinclusion@spe.org or on social media:

   Diversity & Inclusion Network on SPE Connect

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