Energy4me Volunteer

About Energy4me

Energy4me is an educational program that educates the public about energy and puts a face on the industry. Energy is a critical issue worldwide, and SPE believes face-to-face contact is the ideal way to spread the word about energy conservation, the future of the oil and gas industry and its impact on the planet.

Deliverables and Expectations

Sections and individual volunteers are needed for the following activities:

Classroom Presentations

Make a difference in our industry while doing something good for your community: Give a classroom presentation or start a classroom presentation program for your section! Classroom presentations to pre-university students are a great way to provide facts about energy and inspire students toward careers in the energy sector. Energy4me makes presentation preparation quick and easy. We offer ready-to-go PowerPoint presentations and fun activities that can be customized by individual presenters to give a local and personal perspective. Plus, Energy4me donates an Oil and Natural Gas book for you to give to the teacher at the presentation.

Expected Time Commitment: Classroom presentations typically take 45 minutes to 1 hour plus driving time. Presentations can be scheduled throughout the year.

Translate Energy4me Materials

While Energy4me materials are available in English, Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian and Spanish, translation support is needed for communications, workshop activities, lesson plans, presentations, Energy4me kit, and classroom materials and activities, in other languages.

Expected Time Commitment: Translating materials can vary depending upon size of project. Translations are ongoing and flexible.

Engineers Week Activities

SPE is a sponsoring society of Engineers Week and hopes to attract bright young people to the exciting world of engineering. Engineers Week is a global program that promotes math, science and technological literacy while encouraging students to consider a career in engineering by raising awareness of the positive contributions engineers make in today’s society.

SPE sections or individual volunteers can use Energy4me to bring Engineers Week to their communities through activities such as giving a classroom presentation, organizing student tours of interesting engineering achievements in the community, sponsoring a teacher workshop, judging local Future City? competitions, offering art or essay contests for students on the importance of engineering, purchasing Oil and Natural Gas books and Energy4me Kits to donate to schools, holding “Introduce a Girl to Engineering” events, hosting “Engineer for a Day” programs in which high school students shadow engineers for one day, presenting at annual engineering scholarships awards banquets, and teaming with other organizations in your community to expanded educational outreach.

Expected Time Commitment: Engineers Week activities vary in time commitment depending upon the activity. Events occur one week out of the year.

Educational Workshops

Energy4me holds free one-day teacher professional development workshops and student education events at select SPE conferences. Each event covers grade-specific, hands-on energy lessons and activities, offers keynote speakers from the industry, and includes a technology tour (if available). We seek volunteers to support these events in the following areas:

  • Registration Table – Welcome teachers and students to the event. Provide them their name badges and agenda and help answer any logistical questions they may have.
  • Exhibit Tour Guides – Lead small groups of teachers or secondary students on a technical tour of exhibits at select SPE conferences.
  • Hands-on Activities – Guide teachers or students through fun, hands-on experiments using household items that they can take back to their classrooms.
  • Translations – While Energy4me materials are available in English, Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian and Spanish, translation support is needed for any pre-communications or workshop promotion in languages other than English. Energy4me Kit activities can also be translated into additional languages.
  • Event Coordination – Some events outside of the U.S. need a coordinator to help prepare the agenda, promotion and communications plans; recruit keynote speakers; and ensure the event stays on schedule.

Expected Time Commitment: Workshop activities vary in time commitment depending upon the activity. They are one day events that occur several times a year.