Frequently Asked Questions

What types of volunteer opportunities are available through SPE?

In addition to SPE committees, you will be able to apply for positions in which you will work as an individual for a set term (i.e. eMentor) and/or positions in which are task-based (i.e. survey respondent, PetroBowl℠ Competition timekeeper, etc.). All positions will include a description and estimated length of service, location (in person or online), and more.

How can I get involved with my local section and chapter?

You can continue to volunteer for your local section and community through the process already established by your section and chapter officers.

When can I expect to see new volunteer opportunities available?

Volunteer opportunities are posted as they become available. Standing committees typically recruit new members in the winter. Other opportunities including eMentor, Ambassador Lecturer, and Speaker Source are available year-round.

TIP: Review your volunteer profile for accuracy. (A search occurs as each opening is posted and matches the opportunity to volunteer profiles. A notification will be sent to volunteers who are best suited for the opportunity.)

Who can volunteer with SPE?

SPEI opportunities are generally for SPE professional members. However, we encourage our SPE student members to become engaged by volunteering with their university chapter.

How can I update SPE with my former volunteering experience?

If you are a volunteer and your service history appears to be incomplete, please email to update your volunteer history.

Questions about volunteer opportunities? Email: