Forum Series Coordinating Committee

About the Committee

The Forum Series Coordinating Committee (FSCC) is responsible for oversight of the SPE Forum Series program, including the planning and conduct of forums, under policies and guidelines approved by the SPE Board of Directors. The committee comprises five members. Terms for the chair and for committee members are three years, and are subject to renewal. Committee members include the chairs of the Forum Series Implementation Subcommittees (FSICs), and at-large representatives.

All members of the FSCC must be members of the FSIC with forum experience. They should have experience in Forum Series programs as individual forum chairs or steering committee members, and then as members of the FSIC, acting as liaisons for the individual forums.

Qualifications and Experience

  • Strong desire to see the Forum Series meet the goals set out in the Forum Series Guidelines
  • Mandatory experience as a chair or vice-chair of an FSIC
  • Mandatory previous experience coaching forum steering committees and upholding the Forum Series Guidelines as a member for the FSIC by experience as an FSIC liaison in multiple forums

Expected Time Commitment

  • Attend two meetings per year, in person or by teleconference, with one held at the ATCE
  • As liaison for a forum steering committee, coach the forum chair and steering committee, and participate in person or by phone, at least four to five individual forum steering committee meetings over a seven-nine month period
  • Attend the five-day forum as liaison

Deliverables and Expectations

  • Reporting, at least annually, to the SPE Board on plans for the SPE Forum Series program worldwide, including the Forum Series in Europe, North America, Asia Pacific, South America and the Caribbean, and the Middle East
  • Submitting, at least every three years, a comprehensive report on the Forum Series to the SPE Board with recommendations for changes in the program
  • Performing the following functions in an oversight capacity with the FSICs 
    1. Selection approval of the steering committee chairs for each forum
    2. Reviewing/coaching with each forum chair the development of the program for each forum, including timetables and schedules that are in accordance with approved policies and guidelines
  • Making decisions on scheduling and format issues regarding individual forums in compliance with policies and guidelines
  • Monitoring the conduct of individual forums and developing recommendations for changes in policies and guidelines for SPE Board consideration
  • Preparation of an annual report to the SPE Board on the Forum Series program held worldwide.  This report should include an assessment of individual forums including information on number of applicants and participants, a summary of participant comments, and an evaluation of mechanics