Membership Committee

About the Committee

The committee reviews the professional and student membership structure, requirements, and dues, recommending any revisions for consideration by the SPE Board. The committee reviews programs regarding the recruitment, retention, and recognition of SPE volunteers, recommending changes or additions for consideration by the SPE Board. The committee discusses areas for membership growth and suggests courses of action to attract and retain members. The committee reviews and makes recommendations for all SPE programs which support section and chapter operations with the exception of the Distinguished Lecturer Program. The committee comprises 18 members and a chairperson. The committee has one official subcommittee: Senior Professionals.

Qualifications and Experience

  • Section leadership experience preferred
  • Interest in recruiting and retaining members for SPE
  • Knowledge of SPE's programs and services available to members
  • SPE professional membership

Expected Time Commitment

  • One hour per month participating in teleconferences
  • Approximately 10 hours annually working on committee projects

Deliverables and Expectation

  • Participate in monthly teleconferences (because of global representation, some members will find that meetings are held very early or late in the day, depending on the time zone in which they live)
  • Attend face-to-face meeting held during ATCE (if travel permits)
  • Contribute to committee activities and brainstorming