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Fueling Curiosity: SPE Brunei Members Ignite Passion for Energy Education

Recognizing SPE Brunei Members Soazig Leveque and Kamilah Othman

22 February 2024

In the heart of Brunei’s energy landscape, two exceptional Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) members, Soazig Leveque and Kamilah Othman, are leaving a significant mark on the industry through their involvement in the Energy4me energy education program. Soazig, the Global Geosteering Team Leader for SLB, and Kamilah, a Petrophysicist at Brunei Shell Petroleum, are passionate about educating the younger generation on the vital role of energy across the globe.

Soazig Leveque, co-coordinator for Energy4me in Brunei, expressed her joy in witnessing students actively participating in STEM experiments, emphasizing the program’s hands-on approach. “From the students to the headmasters, they were so engaged in the experiments and it was amazing to witness. The kids really had a great time doing the experiments with lots of cheering and teamwork!”

Reflecting on the benefits, Soazig said, “Professionally, it’s been very rewarding to launch this program with the support of Kamilah and the SPE members of the Brunei section. The support and energy has been tremendous.”  

Kamilah Othman, the Young Professional Chairperson for SPE Brunei Section and co-coordinator for Energy4me efforts in Brunei, highlights her inspiration for joining Energy4me, emphasizing the opportunity to give back to the community.

“By collaborating with Energy4me, I can actively contribute to initiatives aimed at fostering a deeper understanding of energy-related topics among students and educators. This not only benefits the younger generation but also enriches the community as a whole by promoting awareness and sustainability,” she said.

Kamilah notes that the program has been transformative, deepening her understanding of energy systems and refining her communication skills. She shared, "This knowledge has not only broadened my perspective but has also empowered me to engage more meaningfully in discussions surrounding energy and sustainability."

A memorable moment, as described by Soazig, involves students eagerly participating in experiments like “getting the oil out” and core sampling, sparking curiosity and appreciation for science and energy topics. Both Soazig and Kamilah strongly encourage other SPE members to participate in the Energy4me program, emphasizing the rewarding experience of sharing with the local community and inspiring the next generation of scientists and engineers.  

In Brunei, Soazig Leveque and Kamilah Othman are not just professionals in the energy industry — they are champions of education, actively shaping the future through hands-on experiences that fuel curiosity and promote a deeper understanding of energy and sustainability.

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