Supplemental Data Request

Over time, SPE members have commented on the difficulty in evaluating and building on the concepts in most modeling and simulation papers because insufficient data are available for readers to validate the results. While SPE understands the confidential nature of some of the data that may be used, we also believe that some authors may be able to provide a spreadsheet of supplementary data (with appropriate blinding of anything sensitive) that would allow readers to look at the modeling or simulation results in greater detail.

Submission of supplementary data is voluntary, but authors who can do so are encouraged to submit supplementary data in the interest of advancing knowledge within our industry.

If I submit supplementary data, what will happen to it?

SPE will build a web page with supplementary data files labeled by the paper number to which they belong. The preview page for that paper in the eLibrary will state that supplementary data are available, with a link to the web page where the data can be found.

What about copyright?

SPE is not asking for transfer of copyright on the data sets. By supplying a supplementary data set, the paper’s authors are giving SPE the right to distribute that data set, but copyright remains with the authors and/or their employers. Other authors will be free to use this data set in their own work, but will be asked to acknowledge the author and his/her organization in any subsequent work using the data.

How do I submit a supplementary data set?

Since the supplementary data are “extra” and not part of the manuscript submission, authors will need to email the data separately to Please identify the data with the paper number to which the data apply.

What format should I use?

Excel is the most likely format for supplementary data submission, but other formats that would be accessible to most people are acceptable.

Do I have to submit a supplementary data set?

No. Submitting supplementary data is voluntary. The purpose in requesting supplementary data is to allow others to analyze your results and perhaps build on your concepts for the advancement of the state of the art in the industry.