Optimize Your Search

When oil prices are low for a sustained period, it can seem extra challenging to find a new position. A Google search may turn up thousands of articles with advice for job-seekers. While these are far from exhaustive, SPE has compiled some ideas and articles that we hope you will find useful to help you get ahead during your job search.

Job Boards 

SPE has launched a job board to assist our members in making their availability known, and to help industry employers find excellent candidates.

SPE Industry Job Board

You may find the following job boards useful as well

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Polish Your Resume

Free Resources

Though not industry-specific suggestions, use these sites to find resume-writing tips.

Have at least two other people read your resume for clarity, proper terminology, correct grammar, etc.

Paid Resources

Do your due diligence with any company you hire for resume help. 

  • Have they worked with engineers or similar technical roles?
  • Do they have experience with the countries where you are looking for work and know what is commonly expected there?   
  • What's included in the price?

Stand Out from the Crowd

How to Stand Out in a Low-Price Environment 

In this one-hour webinar, you’ll learn from an expert about creating an authentic, compelling, “standout” personal brand—one of the modern strategies for successful career management. Molly Green is a career management expert, an executive coach and creator of the careers program Everyone Wants to Hire You. Recorded in April 2016. 

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Top Tips to Effectively Raise Your Profile on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a powerful tool in today’s job market. Learn from Inc. columnist Larry Kim on how to improve your profile. 

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Master These Six Essential Job Search Procedures

A modern day job search requires familiarity with modern job search procedures. You will also need to hone your skills in research, marketing, writing and interpersonal communication to stand out in your quest for new employment. 

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Advice for Mature Job Seekers

LinkedIn Profile Photos for Job Seekers Over 50

Certified coach Phyllis Mufson CPCC discusses why profile photos are important for experienced professionals and tips on how to take and choose the right photo. Read More

New Rules for Job Hunting After 50

If you haven't looked for work in a while, this article has some good tips to help you shine. Read More


Interview image Tips for Younger Job Seekers

Young Professionals Video Library

From building your career to establishing a strong professional network, SPE's video resources for students and young professionals provide unprecedented insights, expertise, and advice. Learn More

The True Market Value of a Good Petroleum Engineer

You're more than your education – you've learned valuable, potentially transferrable skills. Read More

How Petroleum Industry Young Professionals Can Survive the Oil Price Volatility

Knowing that oil price is cyclic in nature and very volatile, how can you apply the past lessons today? Read More

Tips for Fresh Graduates: What to Do after Getting a Petroleum Engineering Degree

This article still contains useful ideas for finding that first job. Read More

Stories from Graduates During Challenging Times

Learn how SPE's Members in Transition program helped grads in 2015-2016. Read More

More Helpful Ideas

Preparing for a Video Interview

A video interview can be very different from one in person, yet other things are much the same. Here are two sources that may be helpful in preparing.