About SPE Europe

Who Are We?

The Society of Petroleum Engineers Europe Ltd. is a not-for-profit, charitable organization devoted to the safe and efficient exploration and production of crude oil and natural gas resources for the benefit of all humans. SPE Europe is one of the entities of Society of Petroleum Engineers, Inc, organized under the laws of Texas, which is the governing organization for SPE worldwide.

What We Do

Crude oil and natural gas constitute the primary source of power generation throughout the world. Whether as a fuel for transportation, electricity generation, heating our homes, or cooking our food, oil and gas fuel the world and affect everyone’s standard of living. Oil and natural gas also are a primary source for the manufacture of many products such as plastics, pharmaceuticals, fabrics, and cosmetics.

Meeting the demand for oil and natural gas is a constant quest to advance the myriad of technologies that are needed to find and extract these valuable resources. SPE’s role is to further those technologies through technical publications, meetings, educational courses, and many other programs that allow industry professionals to pursue more efficient and cleaner ways to find and produce oil and natural gas.

SPE members are also engaged in educating the general public about the oil and natural gas industry – what we do, how we do it, and why it is important to the world economy. SPE members encourage young people to consider the many career opportunities presented by the oil and natural gas industry. Learn more about oil and natural gas.

How We Serve The Public

Technology Advancements

SPE workshops and meetings allow industry professionals to exchange technical information that will result in more efficient development of oil and gas resources, which contributes more fuel at a lower cost to the world economy. SPE strongly supports industry R&D efforts, offering technical information to assist companies in enhancing exploration and production technology. SPE's monthly publication, the Journal of Petroleum Technology, is available not only to SPE members, but to anyone visiting SPE's website. SPE's technical journals further the science of petroleum engineering by providing a forum for peer-review of the "best" new technologies and applications. SPE’s technical archive has become part of OnePetro, the multi-society library that features more than 80,000 technical documents from 9 E&P-related organizations.

Energy Education

SPE offers information about the oil and gas industry developed for the general public. We offer to provide speakers to schools and civic groups on energy topics. We encourage SPE members to become active in their local schools, speaking to students and teachers about the importance of the energy industry and the amazing technologies that we use to recover oil and natural gas.

Career Opportunities for Young People

The petroleum industry offers young people a wide range of exciting, high-tech, good-paying careers. SPE members are involved in reaching out to young people to help them explore these career options. Many local SPE sections offer career fairs for secondary school students to explore what our industry has to offer.