Training and Development Survey

The objectives of this 2012 study were to build a current picture of the level of skills needed in the global engineering community and the importance the oil and gas industry places on learning and skills development. 

Key Findings

Overall, a wide range of skills is important for a successful career in the oil and gas industry, with the most sought after being the ability to learn, teamwork, communication skills, work ethic, and technical skills. 

  • Universities play an important role in equipping students with knowledge and some of these key skills: computer skills, technical skills, and analytical skills. 
  • However, upon starting their career most employees still require training and expect their employer to be the main facilitator. Companies where opportunities are lacking may be enough for employees to consider leaving, and they may not attract the best candidates. 
  • Over the next five years, unconventionals, deepwater, EOR/IOR, and heavy oil are expected to be the major sources of upstream growth. 

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