Director's Blog

April 2020

Dear colleagues,

Qasem Al-KayoumiAs many of you are aware, the Middle East and North Africa region now has two Regional Directors; Mr. Faisal Al-Nughaimish from Saudi Aramco was appointed in 2018, and I have recently been appointed to this post as well. Together we hope we could serve you and meet your membership needs. Currently I am heading the Exploration and Upstream Data Management in ADNOC. I am also an active member of SPE and very much honoured to have the opportunity to serve as both SPE board member and Middle East and North Africa Regional Director. 

I hope that you are all keeping safe and well during these difficult times while we are all working hard to cope with COVID-19 and low oil prices. Indeed our industry and the whole world is facing one of its most challenging times in the modern history where the global economy is greatly impacted due travel and work restriction. However, there are good signs from China and Europe where the number of COVID-19 has started to decline or flatten. Let’s hope this pandemic will be controlled and life as we know it will resume soon. 

The oil industry is going through very difficult times where capital and operating expenditures have been drastically reduced to cope with the low oil prices. As a society we need to stand with our members now and provide them with all needed support. Many of our 2020 activities have been impacted but we hope we could maintain some through virtual platforms. Many sections including those in the Middle East and North Africa have or are planning to conduct their monthly meetings and workshops through Video Conferencing or Webinars. We encourage these kind of digital initiatives and the Dubai office will be more than happy to provide needed support as appropriate.

SPE thrives through the contribution of its members, I urge you all to help keep our society healthy through promoting the role of SPE in your organization and local community. Please remind your colleagues of the many resources available to enrich professional knowledge, networking and acquire best practices from resources like One Petro, JPT and other journals,  the Distinguish Lecturer Series, which you can now view through webinars either live or on-demand, seminars and technical workshops. SPE is going digital, so please download the “SPE International” mobile app to enjoy all these resources and services. 

We hope to have opportunities to meet with some of you when conditions allow in the near future to hear any ideas you have that will enhance knowledge sharing or better serve our members.

Please keep safe and healthy and hope to overcome these difficult times soon.

Qasem Al-Kayoumi
SPE Regional Director
Middle East and North Africa