Recruiting Tips

Where to Find Potential Members

  • In your own company
  • Section seminars, meetings or conferences
  • Local oil and gas industry events

SPE membership includes all disciplines working in the E&P industry, not just petroleum engineers. Anyone who meets the professional membership requirements is eligible.

Student members are not eligible to participate in recruitment contests nor do they count toward recruitment totals. 

What are the Characteristics of a Potential Member?

  • A nonmember who attends your section meetings
  • A recent graduate from a university engineering program now working in the E&P industry
  • A colleague who needs an answer to a technical challenge
  • A peer looking for career advancement

How to Engage

  • Talk about how SPE’s programs and training courses have enhanced your own technical knowledge and helped you advance your career
  • Point out the benefits of interacting with more than 92,000 industry professionals worldwide
  • Give them a tour of OnePetro, which includes more than 160,000 documents produced by 18 publishing partners
  • Take them to one of the more than 120 meetings, conferences, and exhibitions that SPE sponsors annually
  • Tell them about the convenience of the products and services that SPE offers online
  • Give them a copy of JPT or a technical journal to which you subscribe
  • Send them a link to or one of the many local section websites to learn more about SPE programs and services

Whichever method you use, make sure to mention that SPE is the best resource for innovative technological and professional advancement in the E&P industry.