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Learning new skills or enhancing existing ones is always a great use of your time, and can show an employer that you have a curious mind and an interest in staying up to date.

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SPE's webinar program covers a wide range of topics with presentations by experts in their field, including many of SPE's Distinguished Lecturers. We offer more than 80 webinars per year that are free to SPE members. The on-demand catalog includes webinars from the past several years.

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SPE Podcasts

SPE Podcasts are another way to learn from experts, but you can listen on the go. Hear interviews with industry experts, stories about the contributions of our industry to society, and more.Download an SPE podcast from your favorite podcast platform or on Podbean

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SPE Live broadcasts bring the conversation to you virtually to help you adapt to the current challenges and inspire new opportunities for growth. Join SPE member experts and guests for live interviews, roundtables and presentations on timely topics impacting our industry.

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Use the SPE Competency Management Tool

The SPE Competency Management Tool is a free online member benefit that allows you to assess your current professional capabilities against any of 41 key E&P job roles. All personal data and results remain confidential. Members can use the self-assessment results to generate an Individual Development Plan to address competency gaps. 

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SPE's PE Certification program provides you with the opportunity to obtain an international credential recognizing your petroleum engineering knowledge.

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You may be exempt from the exam if you have previously passed a written examination to practice as a registered, licensed, chartered, or professional engineer, such as US PE licenses from the 52 state/territory jurisdictions, certifications from Alberta, Canada, or certifications granted by Indonesian IATMI. If you qualify for this waiver, you may receive the SPE credential by completing the application and paying the USD 250 application fee.

More Ways to Showcase/Apply Your Knowledge


Volunteering allows you to exhibit your professional expertise and hone your skills while you’re in transition. Your local section may need volunteers for a variety of tasks. Outside of SPE, numerous non-profit and charitable organizations need volunteers.

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Contributing to PetroWiki is an ideal way for retired or unemployed members to stay engaged and demonstrate their expertise. SPE members can update and expand content. Check the content in your area of expertise and enhance it based on your knowledge and experience.

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