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Even as the global energy mix is in transition, oil and gas will continue to supply more than half the world's energy for decades to come. From lifting people out of poverty to innovating more efficient technologies, from addressing community needs to reducing environmental impacts, from providing energy to support a growing world economy and population to finding new non-combustion uses for petroleum—SPE members are making major contributions that add value to people's lives.

As part of SPE's 2018 Strategic Plan we want to share the stories of our members and their companies about all of the ways that what we do improves the lives of regular people across our planet. This page and the "Fueling Progress" blog are our starting point for increasing understanding of the positive aspects of the oil and gas industry. 

Have a story you'd like to tell?  Email us at stories@spe.org .

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Fueling Progress Blog

Photo of the author, Glenda Smith Engineering Technology History

Glenda E. Smith
8 January 2020

 I am in awe of the many accomplishments of all types of engineers, but especially petroleum engineers.  Without the ability to directly observe the reservoir in situ, they have developed rules, analogs, and experiments to gain an understanding of what is happening in the subsurface. Few people realize how meeting the world’s demand for energy is a huge engineering accomplishment.

The Engineering Technology History wiki was created to document the amazing accomplishments of engineers.  What is captured in the wiki is just a fraction of what petroleum engineers have learned and accomplished, but there are a lot of great stories.  Looking for inspiration? Visit the Engineering Technology History wiki.


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Have an interesting story to tell? Have you or your company had a positive impact on people's lives through innovation, energy efficiency, environmental protection, community engagement, building infrastructure, or myriad other ways? We'd like to hear your story and possibly feature it on this blog. Please email us at stories@spe.org.

The Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) is a global, individual membership professional society organized as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization in the US. SPE membership is not just petroleum engineers, but includes professionals of all backgrounds and education working in the upstream oil and gas industry.