Become an Ambassador Lecturer

If you are an SPE Member and a young professional (under 36 years old), you are eligible to become an Ambassador Lecturer. While some presentation experience is good to have, it is not required—this should be a chance for you to develop and enhance your skills.

To become a registered volunteer, simply apply by finding the “Ambassador Lecturer” position in the Volunteer Opportunities � page. All submissions are vetted before approval. Once part of the SPE League of Volunteers you will receive volunteer appreciation points for the lectures you give.  

Local travel, if required, may be reimbursed by SPE up to a value of 100 USD per visit upon submission of receipts and verification of your lecture. Registered lecturers can find more information by accessing ALP Connect Community.

If selected as a lecturer

  • SPE will give you access to online resources to help with your presentation via the Ambassador Lecturer Community on SPE Connect.
  • SPE can put you in contact with the local section and/or school to arrange logistics for your visit.
  • SPE will submit your name to local schools and chapters in your region when a lecturer is requested.

As a lecturer, you will

  • Create a 30-45 minute presentation (slide templates available) covering these themes:
    • Your career development from graduation to the present
    • Promotion of the industry
    • How SPE has helped your career
  • Give the presentation as arranged with the school or university.
  • Register your event via the Lecturer Feedback Survey.

Program Follow-Up

Once a lecture has been completed, the lecturer is required to complete the Lecturer Feedback Survey � to register the event with SPE. From this information, we can share feedback from the school you visited to help improve your presenting skills and the program overall.


If multiple visits have been completed, you can also email the following details:

  • Lecturer details (name, email address, SPE membership number)
  • Name and location of school/university
  • Date of visit
  • Approximate attendance
  • Contact of organizer at school or university

Once your event has been verified, local travel, may be reimbursed. Expense forms are available from the SPE Connect Community and can be emailed to